I've seen a whole lot of good men and women of the Gospel attempt launching their ministries, and waste ministry resources on ineffective marketing strategies. I've been in the radio & television ministry for 18 years, and just when I thought I saw or heard it all, something new is introduced to the Christian Marketplace that makes me sit back and say OMG.

For those who are serious about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I want to share with you some very small things you can do, to maximize your potential.

1. The Bible never Dies... Neither Does Your Message! - Keep a library of your best work, and reuse it. Not just preach it again, replay them, make a CD, DVD, publish it as an ebook, write a play around it... endless possibilities.

2. Give and It Shall be Given Back To You! - You dont have to sell everything, Give it away! Its sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Let it be heard, and they will come to hear you.

3. Always KNOW your audience! - What is their name, address, phone number, email address... The more you connect with them, the more bonding happens between you and your audience.

Want to know more? I would love to sit down with serious-minded individuals that are interested in maximizing their potential.... "The Ministers Mentor" a ministry of FellowshipWorld, can help you effectively strategies your ministry to reach the world for Christ. I will personally walk with you and help you not only write your vision, but achieve your goals.

Our church is not a mege-church, it doesn't have to be! I remember when I was just a church musician and radio personality. I was frustrated because I wanted to be called to the pastorate. God spoke to me one day during one of my moments and said "What are you moaning about? You talk to 50,000 people every day". I didn't realize that where God had me, was one of the greatest pulpits.... An empty room with a mic. Yes, the radio station. With that revelation, some 15 years ago, I found out that I was actually ministering to more people daily, that most pastors, preachers, and evengelists do in a life time.

Do you really want to fulfill the Great Commission? Email me today and lets network together!

'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them....Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.' Matthew 28:19-20.

Pastor John Young

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Comment by Pastor John H. Young, Sr on August 12, 2009 at 6:08pm
Preacher, do it!!! Its a message that will never die. Need help, contact me at johnyoung@totallygospel.com

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