The Lady Is A Leaer And She Won't Open The Present Of Procrastination

The Lady Is A Leader And She Won’t Open The Present of Procrastination

new logo 2013 official spinCan you believe this is the final month of the year 2013?  We are nearing the 365th day of the year, and preparing to enter into day 1 of the year, 2014-should the Lord say so.2013 2014

The year 2013 has been filled with various tests, challenges, blessings and lessons which if we have been attentive-lessons which should catapult each of us into a realm of purpose and praise!  Praising God for what we have left, and honoring the Lord in allowing us to be yet fervent in our walk, and still among the living.

As the holiday seasons are yet present, and the Christmas carols are ringing in our ears;; I beseech each of you to resist the temptation of opening one present.  The present of procrastination, for this gift is the gift that keeps on giving.  By opening this present and allowing it to be displayed in your heart, mind and soul; this causes a hindrance in your gift to others, which may become an obstruction to an opportunity that may be your divine assignment.

If you have a burden for a particular area, yet you knowingly or unknowingly tore open the present of procrastination, you may look at the end of this year with astonishment, and while you may never publicly give it voice; within your inner man the conversation with yourself exclaims…”My intent was to begin  in Jan… Feb… March”.  We are now in the month of December, the months have unraveled and the present of procrastination has manifested yet again.

procrastinationProcrastination causes your witness to become dishonorable; no one believes you.  They know you mean well, and they love your zeal and excitement for life, but they also know your execution wavers and is dependent upon your present state.

Procrastination also injects stress where calm should reside.  Sweating over a 6 month assignment in the 5 month and the 29th day, may cause a rise in blood pressure, a lack of excellence in presentation as well as a hurried display.

Some may say they work better under pressure?  Do you or have you operated so often in chaos, it has become your normal?

  • Discard chaos and clutter; tidy your area and create an atmosphere for productivity  “Let all things be done decently and in order…”  1 Corinthians 14:40
  • Implement using a calendar; choose on-line, virtual calendar to execute deadlines/dates,etc.
    “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed…” Prov 15:22
  • Pray diligently for wisdom to correct past non beneficial practices
    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not unto thy own understanding and He shall direct your paths…” Prov 3:5,6

The first few chapters of the book of Genesis displays literally and figuratively  a divine plan of creation, execution and rest.  In the beginning God, created the heavens and the earth. (Creation)  Over a period of time, God developed everything which was needed in the heavens and the earth, including you and I. (Execution).  Lastly God instilled a period of rest, which is an example to each of us that rest is instrumental in our lives; for effective productivity. (Restoration)

I pray as Lady Leaders we take into consideration the price of procrastination, and don’t accept it as a “present” in our lives.  As we prepare to move forth into 2014, revisit a slide show of actions of  2013, make a decision, a proclamation, a declaration.  Procrastination doesn’t live here anymore!  I’m a Lady Leader and I shall walk in power!

Merry Christmas The Lady Leader LaKesia and Pastor BJ

Holy Holidays and May You Have A Productive and Prosperous New Year!

Dr. BJ  “The Lady Leader”

Proofreader/Blog Post Editor

Lady LaKesia Barker-Scott

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