The book, “The Power in Living a Renewed Life”, is a book for everyone who loves challenges, who needs change and who are progressive. Whereas every one alive is at war with decision makings and action taking every second everyday, therefore challenged and where as everyone wants and expects something new and whereas you and I take in breath of air, feel hungry and drinks liquid to keep on progressing. This book is for you. This book endeavours to simplify and interpret the words of Jesus and the bible to the modern day applications. It is a book of today and the future.

It is noted that 85% of our Lord and saviour Jesus preaching centred on the misunderstood word called repentance, “Repent”. When someone today uses the word repent, every thoughts and minds will focus to religion and spirituality. However, repentance is a concept of change or a methodology of change. It is also recognised that Jesus met a chaotic society and people confused with certain developments and changes they were finding difficult to deal with those days. There circumstance then is eventually comparable with today, unexpected changes coming our ways, turning our core beliefs and achievements upside down. Unprovoked and unexplainable attacks ranging from families to the youth and the wilder society, we are confronted sometimes with issues uncommon with us. You and I know that change and repentances are needed and what is this repentance that renews lives;

  • The change of once perception and traditional belief
  • Change of mind set and the way one has been thinking and doing things
  • Change of attitudes for example gratitude
  • Change of purpose and setting of targets
  • Identifying purposes, values and self (not being a copycat)

In so doing the power of positivity, creativity and independence from the old dying order will be achieved. You will be able to do thing differently, creating new opportunity without the forlorn effect of the old beliefs and their history of ashes failures.

I have also discovered that all coaches, wise men and women, public and motivational speakers and great musician like Reggae read the bible for words of wisdom, but when they speak, they only paraphrase them words the mesmerising effect of their fans and followers, who then sing their praises. All Nobel Laureates indeed discovered or found what was already placed by the creator and they are given prizes but none, no prize, not even praise is reserved for Jesus our Lord and the saviour or to God the ultimate creator of all things.

As a coach, a pastor and career advisor/counsellor, I have come to understand that the world is hungry of the truth Jesus tells, thirsty of the word of encouragement, longing for direction and starved of motivation and change. Politicians promise change on their own terms. Every revolution becomes a norm after ten years and a statuesque after twenty years needing another revolution. They are searching for a true role model and guidance with the words of wisdom; however, they abhor religion but love word of God. They hate holiness but need spirituality. How then could we reach them?

  • Change your mind set, (Repent)
  • Keep renewing you mind (Romans 12;2)
  • Give up old things, let go of the burdens and be self aware, (forgive)
  • Give up anger and unnecessary burdens, (Be agitated but do not sin)
  • Have a dream, write your vision and place them where you read them everyday, (Habakkuk 2;2)
  • Have a bigger dream, if you can see it you can have it (Ephesians 3;20)
  • Surround yourself with people who will lift you up (Romans 10;17)

I can go on and on and on juxtaposing these great quotes with the words of God spoken beforehand for our consumption and comfort. This book, tries to shine the light to words the needed changes that will benefit us individually and communally.

your Apostle GOC Ogaraku

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