God bless you FB family and friends, the Lord dropped this bomb in my spirit and I want to share it with you! I was at work and the spirit of the Lord asked me a question? Man of God what is the most powerful weapon in your Arsenal: well God is it the armor we put on to stand against the attacks of our enemies?, God said no that's not it! Well is it our Faith? No that's not it! Is it the Word we p...reach or Teach? He said that's not it either! Then I thought I had the answer, I prayer that's got to be the answer? And what God next blew me away, No that's not it either, even though prayer is a powerful weapon in it's own right! God said the most powerful weapon in our Arsenal is your " PRIASE"!
Why a worshipper? Because worshippers are weapon of "MASS DESTRUCTION" and when you have a worshipper in your House or church or Job or just hanging around you the devil gets Nervous hell starts to tremble demons start to running because when you start worshipping God, you cause Massive tidal waves and major earth quakes that the devil has to declare hell a national disaster area! Worshippers have been known to pray and praise God and knock buildings off of their foundations and cause prison doors to open ( Acts 16) .
Worshippers have been known to cause enemies to Scatter and run for their lives
( 2 Chron 20:22) So the next time your enemy comes into your House or Church or Job Start using your most powerful weapons and watch Satan run!

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