The Psalms of Death

A revision of tears, chains that cling as the soul slowly coming to an end, and the mission of humility began, to surface upon the burning hell, I cringed in a circle, as the rope got tighter, and the soul said in a various voice, let go I shall take you to peace and serenity, A blink of sky shadowed my way, the voices of the dark, sing and the obstetrical event continued to come. As I took a deep breath, the saddle of freedom as a locus begin to pray out loud, a mile of antipathy that sings through the skies, and the lump as a cradle of hunger, begin to thirst for the water, to touch the lump tongue that lingered in my mouth. A weapon of tears that subsided to the enemy who awaited my death, a minute of antipathy sowed, a blink of death swallowed the air, as I gasp for life, a surged of tears a cradle of the soul, that raised from the carcass that surrounded the inner voice.

A moment of diversity awaited my last breath, the last mile that slowly surrendered, yearning be gone as the soul begin to sleep, a moment of freedom, the darken sellouts of dangerous catastrophic, oh the tall black stallion, calices upon the years that mounted, history of sorrow, forsaken the empowerments of warriors, as the silent night, the long fingers, begin to give in, the wool of the blooded hair, begin to lye down, and the centuries of transgressions cried out loud, take me to my fathers house. I silently stood before the bark of the tree, and the blooded tears, the whip of centuries continue to come. I stand before the black chambers of revenge. I shall leave this hell of reveries men, and I shall no longer be the envy of his warrior us events, I have felt the reaper more than once, under this darken banner of hatred, I shall return, but I shall return with my army of the lord. I have lived in these country tis of thee, I have seen the bounded and hunted under the proclamation of death, oh you wicked subnormal of hate, I the black Moses of the resurrection of change. I am the omega King, I hold the blue scripts of the most secret King, I have the legacy as the devil has his kingdom of cowardly hate, I shall move on to a better place.

In this cocoon of an asteriated desire, a dagger that was placed in the heart and the tears that soured upon the night. Dignity that surrounds the terrors that led to my own destruction. The sinking of my metropolis of conscious, but the doom of the night continue to bring fear upon my door, the thunder that sound like a cannon, the wind that felt as the world was lifted, the rain that poured like a river, that obtruded beyond the night. A fistful of pain, that surrounded the tearless forum, the adjustment that feared only the unbelievable, but yet I stood beyond the door as the thunder continued to beat, let me in, I am the grand reaper of the night. I cringed to the mirror, falling upon the darkness of the subdued candlelight.

Nevertheless the wind of laughter that awaited my death, I crawled in a fiddle position, the lights were darker than the night, the sound of fear singed louder than the sun at one time that shine upon the skies, Oh this haunted resurrection that lingered within my mind, the castration of fear, that lingered until I subsided to the after birth of pain. A plate of laughter that brought me only tears. Freedom was nowhere to be found, only in the illusion of the next subsided injury of time. There was no antipathy to those who brought me; to and abominably submission of pain. I sat as the tears of a saddle bush, held upon the burning fire, the clinging of life, that slowly creped though my degradation of character implications, the burning bush continent, to squeeze the strength from my in omissible journey, torture of the mind. The yearning of freedom only relined to a yearning of relieve that could no longer be herd, I sat upon the commerce of Russian gullet waiting for the bullet to end my death, I had already felt the burning bullet of fair, as the warriors of hell planned my death.

De' Sun has trained this old body, the heat that blistered the skin, and the blood suckers who have eaten the skin of my feet, Oh but the abundant of pain, I have endured it all, for who am I to cry, death in the attributes of my brother before I ; The dark of dark, the silent clock, the fear that cries upon the night, darkness the obtrude that has been forsaken of the light, De Devils children who has brought tears upon the eyes, the blister skin of the criminal demands, Oh I shall cry for the night, But I shall sit at the master table before the early dawn. The abomination of the odor of distrust, I shall fly upon the skies, as I leave this test of humility on these earthly grounds, I have transformed in the test of faith, I have lived in bondage of the hell, the devils play ground of disgrace. Oh sweet Chariot, Swing upon the burning bush, creeping though the swampy sentiments, Lord gone come by here, the knife sharpen upon the bark of the tree.

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