We are constantly trying to put our own lives together.  I feel this is why we fail.  Our job is not to try and piece things together.  We are simply a piece of the puzzle.  God is the one who puts everything together.  We try to put together what we feel is God's will.  God wants to have full control.  The bible tells us that "we see through a glass dimly."  God is able to see the whole picture.

     Just think about it.  You know that you fit in a certain space, but you can never seem to get connected to the right people until God (being able to see the whole picture) puts you where you need to be.  For this reason, many women are in there thirties still cursing all men.  The problem may not be the man, but it might be the pieces you are trying to force yourself to.  It might make sense with where you are, but your spot in the puzzle is not where you are trying to force yourself into.  We as men do the same thing.  We try to force ourselves into places with our wives that our not our position, nor our place.  We don't need to tell her how we want the kitchen ran when we won't even cook a meal or wash a dish.

     Our prayer lives are all messed up by this.  We constantly ask God for what we feel.  Especially now-a-days when everyone keeps saying that you have to get specific with God.  It is our latest trend.  I do understand it, and even believe in it up to a point.  However, my God is able to "do exceedingly; abundantly above all that I could ever ask or think."  Why then, would I never ask Him, The One who will put the puzzle pieces together, to take control of my life and make me exactly what he wants.  He is The Potter, I am the clay.  He breathed the breath of life into my nostrils.  I am the filthy rag, and it is His blood that cleanses me.

     When we as a church can finally understand that God must have full control in order for us to truly function, the church will not only go to the next level, but it will go to the greater level.  May God Bless you all.


Your Brother In Christ,




Minister Devin Stephenson


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