There is a clarion call for Reuben intercessors. As I shared this newsflash in the Holy
Ghost with the saints in bible study. Reuben was the oldest son of Jacob. He was the
one responsible for mediating between the brothers of Joseph to keep them from
killing him. The Reuben Intercessors stand in the gap and travail in prayer for
disobedient prophets, of which all of us at one time or another will need intercession.
Jesus is and will always be the Master Prophet. I know there are some of us who
claim such a title, but we all are frail humans and masters at nothing, not even our
own destinies. The Reuben Intercessors are the elders in the faith who stand between
us and God when we are unable to stand for ourselves. They are the ones who deliver
us from evil through their persistent and consistent fervent prayers. Joseph's
brothers heeded Reuben's plea and although he was cast into a pit, his life was spared.

If ever we needed intercessors, the time is now. God is calling the Reuben
Intercessors forth. He is summoning the older saints, those who have matured in the
faith to fall in the gap between the disobedient, the contrary and their destiny. He is
calling the Reuben Intercessors to arise in the early hours of the morning, before the
household awakes and before the phones begin to ring and go in travail for those
young in ministry as a prayer covering over them spiritually.

How do you know if you are a Reuben Intercessor? If you are indeed a Reuben
Intercessor, you will feel a check in your spirit to answer this call. If you are not,
pass this message on to someone whom the Holy Spirit is revealing to you is a
Reuben Intercessor that they may hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the

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