The Secret of Believing Prayer/Bruton Terrace Church of the Nazarene/Pastor W.Leon Jackson, M.Div.
Introduction: Volumes of books have been written about prayer, this is one of many lessons to come on prayer. In order to become a spiritual giant, you must have prayer as a part of your spiritual arsenal. I believe that Jesus has given us some specific principles about prayer.
Focal Text Mark 11:22-26
Points to Ponder:
• Have faith in the Promiser (God)!
• Faith in the Promiser comes through devotion/relationship with the Promiser!
• Communion with the Promiser infuses you with what to pray about!
• Ultimately the unction that God gives you to pray includes what to pray!
• It’s important to verbally articulate your prayer, it encourages your faith in hearing your own voice in prayer; it can be carthartic/healing to pray!
• When you have faith in the Promiser, you have faith in the Promise!
• Doubt must be absent!
• Belief in your heart that you have been granted the Promise from the Promiser!
• Remembering what takes place in eternity is instant; but may not appear instantaneously in time.
• Lastly Jesus specifies physical posture(standing) but emphasis is not on the physical posture!
• Jesus emphasizes the posture of your heart(harboring unforgiveness)!
• Malice and an unforgiving heart nullifies your prayer effort!
• You are only attempting to pray if the posture of your heart is not pure!
• Malice and unforgiveness plugs God’s Ear to your petition of prayer!
• If you have malice and unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone; that becomes a trespass in the sight of God!
• Therefore any trespass you feel has been committed against you, prompting you to hold a grudge in your heart against another taints the sacrifice of prayer.
• Remember that the Holy Spirit gives the pure heart unction to pray and what to pray about; but if the sacrifice of prayer is tainted; God won’t accept a tainted offering just as God rejected Cain’s offering so will God reject your offering of prayer.
• God in essence is saying “Talk to the Hand!”>>>>>God ain’t listening, until you forgive whomever you have an issue with.
• The “Trespass of Unforgiveness” aborts your attempt to petition God……
• God won’t respond to your petition until you eliminate the trespass.
• The cure for unforgiveness is to forgive, this eliminates the wall that blocks your petition to God!
• Have faith in God; through Jesus Christ; communing with God through prayer, devotion, study and worship strengthens your faith in the Promiser as well as the Promise!

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