The mentality of the RAM to thrust with the power of God and to bring forth effectiveness in which the Lord has called. It is born vigorously and predestined for this purpose. The RAM sets forth the strategy and analysis to stuff and stop the will of the enemy. Yet with this purpose the RAM it understands the analogy of the opposing and hidden thing that has held God’s people in a place of lack of understanding and concept. The RAM is set to seek out and recognize the wall of force, blockages and hindrances. It represents the war of the Heavens on behalf of the Kingdom and charges without warning. Because of its purpose, the force that is given to the RAM is unstoppable and set to destroy. It operates with the devices of the unknown due to the mindset of revelation given from God; therefore the tactic may never be the same. The RAM is a forerunner and sifts with discernment the diabolical plan of the enemy, stopping the presence of the enemies’ camp head on. It carries a mentality of boldness and extra strength given by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. The weight of the RAM welcomes fortification and is aware of the impact of results to accomplish what it has been set out to do, regardless of the resistance; the RAM is born to grow in power and conquer.

Yvonia Goodman

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