I am sharing this poem to give you an AWESOME report
Of what it feels like to live in THE TRUE KING'S COURT.
Every morning, I am grateful as I rise from my bed.
I know that the King has provided my daily bread.
It is not just food for which my body can feast.
My spirit is covered as-far-as the west from the east.
I have the King's Only Begotten Son as my best friend.
The blood of Yeshua flows to hide all of my past sin.
Therefore the King has become my Father too.
If you believe and confess, He will do it for you.
He has done for me what could be done by no other.
Shedding his blood in death, he made me his brother.
The King gave His son just to set my soul free.
He is greater than the world, and He lives in me.
He gives me joy in the midst of my sorrow.
He gives me faith and hope for tomorrow.
He hears me everytime I call or cry.
He wipes the tears away from my eye.
He causes ALL things to work together for my good
Even when I think they are not going like they should.
He is my strength when I know that I am weak.
He puts words in my mouth when it is time for me to speak.
He gives me preachers to minister His word,
Because a man cannot believe what he has not heard.
He teaches me how to study and read,
Scriptures in the Bible that I need to succeed.
He never leaves me alone to struggle in the fight.
He brings me justice when other won't treat me right.
Being in THE TRUE KING'S COURT has its perks.
He is glorified when mankind sees my good works.
My place in the His kingdom is not for sale.
He has made me the head and never the tail.
Even when I grow old and loose all of my teeth,
I will remain above and not beneath.
He told me that I would have the sunshine and the rain,
But He promised to see me through my heartache and pain.
He said that if I trust Him and His word I obey,
I am going to be with Him in Heaven one day.
He said to bless those who treat me bad,
And testify about the troubles I've had.
It makes me want to dance and shout,
When I think of how He brings me out.
There's nothing like knowing His Son as my Savior.
It is because of Him that I have so much favor.
The kind of favor that takes you where money can't go,
And opens up doors when your circumstances say, "No."
This is a place where the Son ALWAYS shines.
It is the only place on earth that is truly devine.
So, if you can believe, and cast away your doubt,
You can come in and discover what it is all about.
There is nowhere else that you can find this support.
It is only offered in THE TRUE KING'S COURT.
Copyright ©2009AnnBanks
All that God has done, is doing, and has promised to do in my life.

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