The Grace of God is such an astounding concept that allows the believer to understand, though fragmentally, the love of God, found in Jesus Christ. It is also essential that we understand that Grace of God is needed in our spiritual formation. To misinterpret the Grace of God in that given area is live below the power for Godly living. The Corinthian were in that particular predicament; because they misunderstood the doctrine of Grace. Thus, they became vain in their conduct. As a result, Paul writes this letter to give them a proper perspective of how Grace plays a vital role in our everyday lives as saints of God, chosen by Jesus Christ, through the aid of the Holy Spirit.
These misconceptions of Grace lead to the “party spirit”. Paul opens this discussion by given a proclamation of the ideal unity of the believer. (1:10). This unity is achieved through the agent of Christ, or by understanding that: it is by the grace of God that each individual is able to present the message of Jesus Christ. First, Paul understood that the Grace of God given to him allowed him to use the methodology of presenting the Gospel in the way that allowed people the opportunity to respond to Christ, without the aid of philosophical thought. (1:17) Secondly, the Grace of God should be understood in terms of what Christ had done for us, through the Cross of Christ, which is the power of God that brings salvation. (1:18) These Corinthians depended on the logic of their thought, but Paul declares that he wants to know Jesus and him only, who is the dispenser of the Grace of God.(2:4)
Another result this misunderstanding of the grace of God led to the permission of immorality and lawsuits in the Church at Corinthians. This church allowed that” immoral man”, who had sexual relationship with his father’s wife.(5:1) This practice was not even heard of among the Gentiles. (5:1b) This was a sarcastic statement, which was designed to bring them to shame; because of this evil practice. The congregation did not allow the grace of God to be active in their spiritual life. Thus, there was impurity in the church. As a result, Paul, operating under the spirit of Grace, was instrumental in the purity of the church. The impurity of this church was also demonstrated in their lawsuits against one another.(6:1-2) As a result, this churches’ misunderstanding of the grace of God led to bad behavior toward one another. The concept of grace generates within man the idea that: God loves me, as a result, I must love my brother enough to confront sin in his life, and not take matters outside the church.
The grace of God was misunderstood in their misapplication of spiritual gifts. (12:1-31) The did not understand that everyone does not have the same position in the church. Furthermore, that the Grace of God was the key factor in the edification of the body of Christ. As a result, the people were seeking gifts that seemingly produced more spirituality, rather then, gifts that would edify the body. Thus, Paul in chapter 14:1-30 explains the proper use of tongues in the assembly. Chapter 15:1-58, speaks of the proper use of prophecy in the context of proclamation in the church services. Thus, it is clearly evident from our study that: these people were not growing spiritual formation, but rather, they were children in their understanding. Thus, Paul suggested that they were to show genuine love toward each other, and act like men.(16:11=13)
This book demonstrates a churches’ failure to apply the doctrine of Grace in their life. The lesson is simply that: one should understand that it is not them, but the grace of God that works on the inside to produce godly lives that bring glory and honor to our Lord. This understanding will lead to fruitful Christian living.

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