The concept of sin has been a subject of profound interest to many people. To modern critics, it has been the source of scrutiny; because of the claims that have been propagated that: “man was born into a depraved condition.” However, those who oppose this build their argument on a different worldview. In the 18th century, the enlightenment played a major role in the proclamation of the goodness of man. The idea is that: man is evolving into a moral creature, and has within himself the capacity of moral purity. Nevertheless, the bible holds a different view of man. The scripture clearly teaches us the reality that man is utterly sinful. This survey will review the doctrine of Sin and salvation.
The scripture teaches us that we were all born depraved. This means that we were born disconnected from God. (Ephesians 2:1-3) This logic goes against the philosophy of many modern scholars; because these individuals declare that men are inherently good. However, this concept is foreign to the Holy Scripture; because God has concluded that all men are under sin.(Romans 3:10,23) Those who deny the concept of depravity, really go against the Inspiration of the Bible. Scripture makes it clear that we were born with the nature of Adam (Romans 5:12), this happens simply because Adam was the head. Hence, the nature of Adam was imputed unto his descendants. Furthermore, since man is born in sin, it would make since that the only thing that he can produce is sin. Just as sin was imputed to man, due to Adam, Christ imputed righteousness into our account, by faith in Christ. As a result, man is able, through the grace of God, to perform good by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Since man is born spiritually dead, then there is nothing that he can do to produce his own righteousness. There is a need for him to be recipient of a salvation that he cannot perform. Thus, Christ comes to provide for humanity salvation through his sacrificial death. Christ was the only perfect man that could make provision for sins. Thus, he died for the sins of those who would come to them by faith. In principle, he died for the sins of humanity, but those who are drawn to him, by Grace through faith, can receive this gracious gift. The election of God is rooted in God’s choice. That seems rather unfair that God knows who’s going to come to faith and those who will reject his plan, but God is sovereignty. Thus, there is no need for man to set a standard for God; because God has made provisions for man’s salvation. As a result, he reserves the right to do unto man as it pleases him.
Man’s salvation is solely based on the Grace of God. The idea that is expressed in this term is simply: God’s provision for man’s sinful condition. Certainly this has practical implication for humanity; because we do not deserve the Grace of God, and without it, we cannot do anything. Thus, Paul makes the believer aware of the reality of his frailty without the Grace of God. (Ephesians 2:9-11) This is the dynamic of Grace. We have redemption through the blood of Jesus. Furthermore, it is not through any system of works, but Christ has already provided the sacrifices. Finally, the believer is delivered from the power of sin, but not the presence of sin. There are qualities within the believer that cause him to stumble.
The study of sin and depravity teaches us that man is totally incapable of fulfilling the great commands of God. God has demonstrated to man his to keep his command, and his provisions for humanity. This great provision is found in his Son, Jesus Christ, who dies for the sins of humanity, and provides redemption through his blood. This subject is profound in its content, and should be treated with great reverence by godly scholars.

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