Giving God all the Glory and Honor and being Obedient to His HOLY Word.

How many of you know, that there is the Valley. Now, some might think how can there be peace when I am deep in the valley, when my needs are not being met, when my finances are not enough, when you can't sow seeds, my mortgage is behind, my job is not guarantee, my wife is not being a woman of God, my husband has turned to the streets, my children are not listening, my church have become too bodacious, my friends are talking about can there be PEACE in the VALLEY?
Well I say to you my Sister and Brother, this is the time when you are at your weakest, your lowest, when you have no one that can come to your aid, everything and everybody have forsaken you, they have turned their backs on you...the bill collectors just don't understand..BUT if you Reach and look beyond the Break and know that the Father is with you during the lows and during the can find FAVOR and PEACE in the VALLEY.
This is the time when you can become most intimate with God, you are serene and open, you can utter the most insidious feeling you may be having. You are at the pit of the bottom in the VALLEY and you have no where to run...and no where to hide...this is the time where you can beseech the FATHER and tell HIM all of your needs, giving HIM thanks for meeting you in the VALLEY.
There is something that is miraculous about the VALLEY...for when you experience meeting God in the will not be the same. Your Spirit will be touched and you will know HE is the GREAT I AM, THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END...FOR HE GIVES US LIFE...AND GIVES IT TO US MORE ABUNDANTLY...FOR WE WILL KNOW WHEN OUR BACKS ARE AGAINST THE WALL AND WE FIND OURSELVES IN THE VALLEY... WE WILL KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT....THERE IS PEACE IN THE VALLEY.
May your heart be lifted by the word that you shall know you are more than a Conqueror, you are Glorious and Wonderfully made.

Evangelist Lo

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