Hello Everybody!

If I haven't spoken to you personally since last year; let me say Happy & Blessed New Year to ya! We have left the year of New Beginnings and have entered into the year where we will finish strong! I'm excited about this year foreal.

Last year, God allowed me to taste of his goodness, you know, like eating an appetizer before the main course. Last year, God gave me a sneak preview of my future; I tapped into some things that I had been dreaming about for years! But this is the year where the Main Course will be brought to me and YOU on a silver platter! Is that awesome or what? In 09, God is bringing the blessings right to you; right to your table. And you will sit at the feet of Jesus and dine sufficiently.

This is the year where you will have to Close Your Mouth! What do I mean by that?

You'll be so amazed at the blessings,and the favor that God is giving you; you'll have to close your mouth from the Shock of Oh My God! It has manifested; just like you said. But I didn't know it was going to blow my mind like this! Is anybody ready for God to Blow Your Mind? This year God is going to allow you to REIGN! Reign in your calling, business, family, ministry, finances and anything attached to you!

Lastly, this is the year where you cannot take NO for an answer! If GOD said yes, then don't let the enemy give you a No! You must PRESS toward the Mark for the Prize! Yes, I know it might feel uncomfortable, but keep pressing, keep moving, keep pursueing; until you are walking in DESTINY!

Listen, you must do yourself a favor this year...Make Plans to attend my conference entitled "Spring Forth Into Destiny 09". Last Year it was simply amazing at what transpired! People from everywhere came and left walking in their God given destiny. It is NOT your ordinary conference; it is designed to minister to you and cause you to be transformed by the RENEWING of your mind!

So save these dates; JUNE 3-6, 2009 IN PENSACOLA, FLORIDA! Yes, we're leaving ATL this year and going to the Sunshine State! It's a conference designed for the Entire Family! More Information to Come...Hit me up and let me know if your interested!

I'm excited about what I see for you! I see you in your future; and you look MUCH better than you do right Now!

Love Ya
Evang. Cherisse

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Comment by Rosetta Swain Pastor/Servant on January 15, 2009 at 9:35pm
Great! God Bless.

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