Three Errors

There are at least three errors that churches makes that demonstrate a lack of maturity. I am sure that there are others, but these are common in congregations that are caught in adolescence.

  1. The church continually seeks to memorialize God by our traditions. We want to build monuments rather than an altar. Our edifices have become historical landmarks where we relive the memories of sainted dead by putting gold plates on pews and stained glass windows. We hang pictures of former pastors in sanctuaries that were dedicated to God.  We want to keep God in the place of what He did rather than what He’s doing.
  2. The church passionately works on things that God never told us to do.  We’re too busy with annual celebrations, fellowships and social events.
  3. And lastly we do a lot of things that God told us to do, but for far too long. We need to understand that God is immutable in His attributes. He is constant in character. But what things He tells us to do by revelation can change according to His overall plan for our lives. Ex Abraham having to sacrifice Isaacs and later God changed his mind and provided a ram in the bush.

It’s time to correct, edit or delete and get on with God’s plans and not your own. Blessings and CU@THEBLESSING.

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