Let it go. Why is it that we long to hold on to things and people, especially, whose
season has past? My youngest son has a strange tendency to wear a jacket no matter
how warm it is outside. He has been chided on many occasions for his peculiar choice
of wardrobe, yet he faithfully wears a jacket! In the natural, we find this a bit
amusing, however in the spirit, we would define this as a person who has outgrown
their season and refuses to let go. Life, for the most part is comprised of cyclical
patterns. We are paid weekly, or monthly. We pay bills monthly. We make routine
repairs and maintenance on our homes and cars. We fall sick and get well from time
to time. We have good days and we have bad days. We bathe and brush daily. Most of
the things surrounding our lives are cyclical. It happens over and over again.

The same applies to our friendships. Most friendships are cyclical. We meet, enjoy each other's company, distance ourselves after a bit, and go separate ways. This will
happen throughout all of our lives. A normal and healthy person understands this
concept and makes the necessary adjustments. A mentally and emotionally unhealthy
individual has trouble letting go. Insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, and
even hatred sets in when we fail to release friendships that are out of season.

In my earlier example regarding my son and his jacket as a symbol of someone refusing to let go. Even though it causes him to get fussed at and perhaps even teased
by the other children, he refuses to let go of his jacket. After careful scrutiny, I
received revelation about why he continues to wear his jacket. He is sometimes
forgetful to wear deodorant, therefore he wears the jacket to conceal underarm odor.
;) Now this is a bit humorous in the natural, but the spiritual application is people
tend to hold on to friendships or relationships because of inward fears. There is
something missing personally that the friendship was covering and when the season
expired, they feared dealing with the real issues of their personal lives. Think about
it, most people use friendships as an emotional crutch. They would rather run to
their friend rather than to God in prayer. So when left to deal with their issue alone,
they blame the friend for 'abandoning' them and turn to bitterness, jealousy, and
resentment to say the least.

A healthy friend will keep to themselves private discussions and private moments shared, even after their friendship season has passed. But an unhealthy friend will
'turn' and spew secrets out of being hurt and ashamed. I don't know who I am
helping today, but the Lord wants you to know that you must be faithful to your
seasons. Enjoy the summer of your relationships while you can for when winter
comes, things will change. Now for the sake of clarity, there are some friendships
which lasts a lifetime, these are rare and few because people change, situations
change and circumstances change. A wise man knows the difference and does not
stay where his friendship is no longer welcome.

So when you cross that river called Change and the season of your friendship starts changing, Let it go.

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