Blessings and Glory and Honor be to our Great God! I thank the Lord that I have a mind made up to serve Him! Even on this day, I am compelled to share with all who may read these writings even at the appointed time that you dare to read whatever time that may be----it is the appointed time even now! As I awoke this morning, the Lord has led me into a place of really wanting to simply dwell in "His" presence and see what "He" has to say.......I have seen much and didn't see anything, I have heard much and haven't heard anything! A lotta people talking, but they aren't saying anything!!! I want to know what the Lord, Most High has to say about everything! God has spoken and yet He speaks. Yes through His Prophets, His Apostles and any servant that will yield themselves to His service. But, does that mean that everyone talking is saying what the Lord has indeed said? I beg to differ. Yes, I do know this; that an opinion is deemed as personal and every person has one. Somehow, the body of Christ has evolved into something that has gone somewhat to the left of what Jesus' initial purpose was set to be. What was the purpose??? I'm glad you asked.

As stated in I John 3:8, Jesus was indeed manifested to do one thing and one thing only and that was to "destroy the works of the devil" here on earth. Yes, we do know that He preached the good news of the gospel of God's kingdom here on earth that does indeed promise us as believers and "doers" of His will a life of eternity with the Father. But does what we see here on earth truly reflect what God's kingdom looks like??? That's a really good question. In my every day encounters with unbelievers and believers that have gone astray...."backslidden" if you will.....the question that I encounter is simply "If there is a God, why is there so much devastion in the world and why doesn't this God that you say is soooo good and soooooo mighty and soooooo powerful do anything about it? Why does He let the devil get away with so much and why doesn't He stop what is happening?" Many times those that I encounter don't put the question in such eloquent words as I have it is usually on a much more "on the RR-Real & Raw" as they say!!! Being a "street preacher" I encounter many angry believers that have become weary with what they see in the body of Christ and have chosen to have no part. That is truly a sad, sad thing to me. At any rate, To answer their question, it has opened up a platform that many believers, preachers, ministers of the gospel never dare to stand upon. It's simply this.......the devil is doing quite a number here on the earth, but the answer is very simple...............He is doing exactly what he has been granted to do, occupy the time, mind, the attention, and the praise of the saints and the believers and use them to bring themselves down! Was he created for that purpose? Absolutely not!!! Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub (Ezekiel 28:12-19) was created for Beauty, he was created for one purpose and that was to BE THE PRAISE OF THE "MOST HIGH!!!!" His purpose for being created was to not only praise Jehovah, but to usher all of heaven into His presence.....Glory!!!! All of heaven had to come into his presence in order to get to the Father. I cannot even begin to go into great detail about this, you will have to get my upcoming book on Spiritual Warfare in order to get the full depth of the subject. I said all of that to say this....Satan as we know him now was not always what he is.....he was the anointed one that was made to praise God. When he got beside himself (Ezikiel 28:15) and when iniquity was found in him (iniquity= pride+rebellion) it caused him to become something other than what he was created to be. He decided he wanted "to be like" the Most High, he wanted to be praised and exalted.....he wanted what was ordained and created to belong to God-our Heavenly Father. What was it? I'm glad you asked. All of heaven's creations were designed to praise God. Lucifer was designed and created to praise God. This cost Lucifer his place in heaven and caused him to get evicted. You know the story....down to earth he came (Revelation 12:12). Now, this gets us to the question for the aspect of our conversation. The devil is doing all that he can because he is angry and knows that his time is short here on the earth before the judgment. Isaiah (14:1-22) clearly states the anticipated end of the matter for Satan.

Lucifer was the Beautiful, the Anointed Cherub...yet in his getting beside himself, it cost him his position in heaven and caused him to come to the earth. I had to say it twice for someone that missed it the first time. This gets us to the point of why so much is happening in the earth and the God that we know Him to be is not doing anything about all that is happening in the earth. When Jesus was hanging on the Cross of Calvary, (John 19:30) He meant what He said and He said what He meant and He won't take it back. Jesus already did all that He will do. He will do nothing more!!!! Glory Hallelujah!!!! "HE" gave us what He in fact had.....(Matthew 28:18-20) which was "ALL POWER" in heaven and in earth!!! That's enough to shout about right there.....yes right there! We as believers of this gospel on today must get to the recognition and application that we have been given a charge and a commission to do the works of the Father. He has already let us know that He is with us and that all of heaven is backing us up in whatever we endeavor to do for the body of Christ here on earth!!!! What are we waiting for???????

This is "the season" that we wake up from a place of slumber and do the works of the Father. We must get past ourselves and to declare the works of the Father here on earth! We must step up to the plate and exercise the authority that has been given to us in order to see those very works manifest. We must in fact live a consecrated life in Christ Jesus and He will manifest Himself everywhere we dare to go! This is "the season" that we must stop waiting for someone to create a platform for the "Greater Works" that Jesus said we would in fact do because He has gone on to the Father. The signs and wonders with the miracles will manifest and follow us as we go out and about throughout the earth declaring the works of the Father, preaching the gospel and telling the world about the good news of the day of His coming!!! YES the devil will pull out all points to try and stop you, but you are UNSTOPPABLE if you walk in the authority that has been granted unto you!!!!! This in turn will cause the works of the devil to cease and decist!!!! That's how we take the territory!!! That's how we go in and possess the land that has already been given to us!!! Why are we fighting for something that has been given to us??? Why are we crying out to Jesus to do something for us that He has already done???

Jesus is NOT coming down here to do anything thing else!!!! He already declared that He and His work here on earth is FINISHED!!!! It's high time saints that we step up to the plate.......""MAN UP"" if you will....and be about our Father's business! Don't mind the devil....don't be afraid of him.....he has NO POWER!!!!! We as believers have ALL POWER in our hands yet it must come out of our mouth!!! That's a whole nother story altogether!!! Get to the root of the matter as to why we as believers are living beneath the honor and privilege that has been ordained for us to be here on earth!!!!! We perish for lack of knowledge! This is "the season" that we have a few short days left in this year 2009 to prepare for the harvest and the manifestation for the next year 2010!!!! This is "the season" to get all of the unGodly out of our lifestyles and our generations so that "we will be positioned" for the manifestions of the "Promises of the Yea & Amen" as stated in II Corinthians 1:20-22. This is "the season" to get it right in order to make a difference in the earth!!! Other nonbelievers are waiting on us. Believers that have backslidden are waiting on us??? Our family and generations are waiting on us!!! This is "the season" to come up out of self and get our hearts fixed on the estate of our brother and our sister. Yes, I know somebody missed that, but you'll catch it later because I'm praying that every person that dares to read these words will be thrust willingly or unwillingly into the destiny foreordained for your lives!!!! Which is designed for greatness! This is "the season" that we know beyond the shadow of a doubt exactly what our purpose is in the body and how we are to live it to the fullest potential according to the will of God! We can begin by getting ourselves into the position that Satan desires to keep us from which is ours by right now and that is that place that he no longer occupies which is the vessel of "the praises of the Most High!" We are now in a position that Satan will never occupy ever again in heaven or the earth. God dwells in the midst of praise. If the devil can keep us murmuring and complaining and negatively speaking, he has us! If he can cause us as a body of believers to put all of our attention and focus on what he is doing, he has diverted us from our purpose which is to praise the Most High! Let's get ourselves back into the "Position of Praise" and watch God dwell there. Let's do this and watch what happens by this time next year!!!! I am excited about your future and what God has in store for us to do for His Glory! Remember, "One Word from on High" in "Due Season" will change a man's life forever!!!!

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