A woman is the greatest treasure in the world . She is to be treated with love, royalty and respect at all times for a woman is God's greatest gift to man .When we do things like abuse, call them out of their God give names ,and treat them like second class citizens we anger God. 

What would we do without Woman ?{ Real talk} ,I need my treasure everyday ! She loves me ,comforts me. She's a great mother to our kids and when I'm about to lose my mind she's right there to take over. I honor my treasure not just on mother's day ,but ever time I get a chance I tell her that I love her. When was the last time you held you wife and said ," baby you mean the world to me and I Love You." Those three words can put a smile on her face that no other man will ever take off. Don't be afraid to tell your wife "I LOVE YOU" in front of a group of people. I love my pastor when  he celebrates his wife and tells her "I LOVE YOU" . It puts a smile on her face that nobody can take off.

When God created woman he broke the mold ! I thank God for my wife. She's my jewel that I treasure forever and always. Men love your wife , treasure you wife, if you don't there is somebody around the corner who will show her all the love in the world and more. Proverbs 31:10 ," An excellent wife who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels." Treasure your Treasure she's the woman that keeps you rich in love !

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