There are two that we need to realize that God can not do LIE and FAIL! I begin to meditate on these things this morning and begin to say why is that people that are confessing and professing Christ carry these two characteristics! We'll I know somebody just got mad what you mean Christians don't lie! Yes baby some do! They lie to themselves and to others! How you ask They lie to themselves thinking they are more that what they are!(Supersaints) They lie to themselves about certain situations. I can fix this or I can do that! You can do nothing on you own. Then they lie to others because they make it seems as though they have it all together and are just as messed up on the inside as can be. Let me help you here don't get it twisted you do not going around telling everyone your problems but it is those people that are so Holy and so Glorious and that they have been Saved since the beginning of time. Just be real people will respect you more and want to be around you! Well why are you saying people are failures, well we fail everytime we don't take him(GOD) at his word. We fail everytime we try to solve situations that are out of our control. So I say today Let's start letting God be God and we CAN make it. Remember Jesus did not lie to himself when his time drew near to be crucified he went to the Father and asked him if it be his will let this cup pass from me! Understand that all things are not for us to fix but all things are made or come so that we can trust God to see us through!

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Comment by Belinda Brown-Watkins on September 16, 2009 at 5:56pm
I thank God for that word and you are so true. My husband just ministried on that same issue this past Sunday. Christians at times do lie to themselves and believe their lies. Yes to day we must Let God he God and we will make it.. Thanks

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