Give and it will be given;

There are two choices in life: Give and it will be given, or take before you are taken.
If we look at our present political, economic and cultural meltdown, we can ask ourselves -- how much "taking before you are taken" is going on? I think it is reaching pandemic levels, as trust is being corroded across the whole culture.

The only answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and hence, the power to give and it will be given. But how do we inject trust into an untrusting world? This is what Jesus did on the cross, and we need to grasp the depth of the theology involved.

1. Will it be "give and it will be given" or "take before you are taken?"
2. Will it be "pre-partisan politics" (a level playing field for all ideas where truth will rise to the top) or "post-partisan politics" (where debate is declared over and political will is imposed)?
3. Will it be "our heavenly Father" (the Source for strong and loving earthy fatherhood) or "big daddy government"(the disastrous wake of the chosen absence of the biological father)?

Thus, a prophetic challenge to those in political power: What is biblical, and who serves that which is biblical? Think about it!

Gen. 22:1-3
Look at this scripture and move in the spirit of God being a living sacrifice a burnt offering consumed of God. Abrahams son Isaac was precious to him he loved him dearly. Give it all away to Gods glory and it all is to be pouring out of you. The father of faith Abraham is given it all up because of the faith that he has in God. Deal with life righteously with the faith in God and make all decisions based upon who he is.
Thinking is not allowed, human intellect will talk you out of faith every time just do it trusting in God. Judgment and discernment are given to test the spirits to see if they are of God are not.

Say handle this God, I trust in you. Don’t let the devil say to you well God didn’t do it today. Deut. 7:9 Love God he is able, more than able.
Nothing set before you can stop you and God knows that. God is God and He will take care of you from glory to glory, you can never loose because you will know the beauty of God.

Deut 6: Keeping the Ten Commandments tells yourself you love God. It lets us take a look at ourselves and not our pleasure. Jesus gave two commands love God and your neighbor as yourself. God has given us a measure of himself to have faith in him that continues to build faith and that is to trust in God that he will never fail. Deut. 11:13

Deut. 32:4 Gods a sure foundation and does a work that is perfect. Gods love working through me to his glory poured out is Love. He who began a good work is faithful to complete it.

Mt.17:20 Faith as a mustard seed. Say to the mountain be gone. It will be moved out of your way. I’m in the way Father, lead me, teach me, and show me your way and I will do it.

Blessings Steven

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