The ultimate Purpose is...

When every human being will accept and willingly accept as their sovereign and allow G-d to enter into their consciousness, their hearts...and their minds.

When every Jew will be proud of their Jewishness and feel connected and when every human being feels he is created in the image of G-d and that he is a descendant of Noah, and live up to that role model...and become a Ben-Noah, a Noahite, a righteous gentile following Torah – the Noahite laws [the seven laws]. It is only at that moment that G-d – that
G-ds essence is real and because G-d is real – then his reality has to be able to permeate even a world like ours. A world where G-d doesn't impose Himself- In heaven, they have no choice. G_d is revealed. G-d projects Himself of course they are nullified to G-d. It's almost as if G-d imposes Himself upon the angels.

But G-d created a world, our world where He is hidden- and concealed. It is a very earthy world. And yet even in this world, G-d is confident that we will come to the realization – willingly and deliberately accept upon us.

Not because we have no choice because Ha'Shem created a world that has freedom of choice.

And when we come on our own to the realization and awareness of the truth and the emet that there is no other reality but G-d.
Where we deliberately and willingly and truly choose to enter into this relationship to connect with G-d and there will be a moment – the Torah promises us and it is not just the details – Maimondes writes this is one of the certain principles in the Habati.

The principle of all principles because a Jew doesn't believe, doesn't yearn for this moment misses the entire point of the Torah – because if you believe in the reality of G-d, the emet of G-d, then you must believe that there will be a moment, there will be a time when every last Jew alive, every last human being that is alive except Amelek-which is incorrigible and will be wiped out-Amelek irredeemable-like toxic waste-the absolute evils in this world – the Hitlers of the world, they are irredeemable – the hard core anti-Semetics of the world – they are irredeemable, like Amelek.

But the seventy nations of the world, six billion people every last one of them, every race, every color, every nationality, every last one of them will come to recognize and accept the sovereignty of G-d willingly and deliberately from one end of the world to the other. That's the world of Moshiach and it's only then when G-d's name will be whole.
We will be able to pronounce G-d's name. G-d will be revealed, because if we do not allow G-d into our minds, our consciousness then in a certain sense H-d is not real.

So what you are saying is that in 99% of the universe H-d is real, but in my mind and heart, G-d is not a reality.

That is a direct contradiction to the truth and essence of G-d and so it is only in our world where G-ds essence is revealed, a world where G-d is hidden and where there is freedom of choice and even in this world G-d's reality can permeate our reality (can we come to the reality we are one).

And we open our hearts and open our minds, open our windows to the connection.
We affirm the reality of G-d, more than the heavens, the heaven of heavens and the angels with their sublime spiritual elevation – inspiration have nothing on a human being.
Because it is only in this setting in this world that we came and touch the essence of G-d [formed]. It is only in the world revealed and maker manifest the essence of G-d. That is why he gave the Torah to us. He did not give it to angels-He gave it to us, then heavens came down to earth. Solomon cried out in astonishment.

G-d told us to build a temple [to show love] because He feels at home in this world [make Him feel at home within you] not in the heavens of heavens of heavens – no He feels at home here [within you] where does His essence manifest?
Ironically and paradoxically right here in this physical world – our world of geography – time and space – material beings – bodies – souls and bodies .

This is where G-d feels good.
When you open your hearts and you open your mind.

And you become aware of the reality of G-d and it permeates your whole being.
Until your heart sings with joy and that when you realize that G-d is actual that G-d is powerful that G-d is real – now- right in front of you – realize that! Then, you have fulfilled the ultimate purpose of creation, have revealed the essence of G-d you have touched the very essence of G-d you have connected with..[now all I can do is study other mens G-d perceptions] the holocaust of my life, my girl left – we did not have our children. In the here and now, of this physical plane of existence in this physical world.
That's why the soul journey into the body that is why the soul left heaven, its heavenly abyss and it was all worthwhile – and it was all worthwhile that traumatic experience of the soul coming down to the body – to just be able to fulfill the purpose of creation.
To reveal the essence of G-d and make G-d feel at home in this world.
And how do you fulfill that?

By opening your heart and opening your mind becoming aware of this truth of G-d the reality that G-d is there is no other reality but G-d – G-ds absolute essence is there in that truth.

Would you agree?????

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Comment by OregonShout News and Views on December 10, 2011 at 1:37pm

now that is an interesting blog

Comment by ShekinahLife on July 13, 2010 at 7:14pm
Comment by ShekinahLife on April 2, 2010 at 11:12am
This is a good read,... for those who read...
Comment by ShekinahLife on March 9, 2010 at 4:14pm
If the African Americans knew who they really are in the linage of Israel, they would understand this small writing..Sadly they do not.
Comment by ShekinahLife on December 26, 2009 at 11:56pm
Comment by ShekinahLife on December 26, 2009 at 11:46pm
Old habits of Reverence never pass away it seems ...that is why'
Juanita Byron sang a beautiful song behind the vail...

I suggest looking behind the vail of your true bloodline and see if you too have not lost your way of Judism, your original roots...the stuff that Yeshua was teaching not what those who came after him offered..Yeshua was a reverent Hebrew/ Jew Rabbi from all believable accounts is that not so??? ..and if so when it tells us to walk as Yeshua walked ( first John 2:v6) If we say we walk as he walked..then should we not learn from the same rabbinic teaching that has not changed..unlike christianity..changes with every wind???

I Think it is time to really understand what pure reverencve to the one G-d is without Romes misconstruction.

We need to get back to our roots where we truly fear the Master creator and Only want to go out and do good to be a source of solutuion Not a source of the this hurting humanity.. Perhaps when we learn what the writing suggests,... we may help heal our world....

Thank you for stopping by..Shalom/peace
Comment by Ann Banks on December 26, 2009 at 11:16pm
My brother, I have one question, "Why do you type G-d instead of God?"

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