As the Lord lead me to the next level in Him I forgot in the midst of all of the excitement what I would have to endure after the elevation has taken place. I thought that it would be almost, dare I say, easier after coming through so much to get to where I was. Teaching and preaching has its own cost but I learned that the Lord will place you in certain cituation where all you have is Him. I thought about Job and all of the emotions that he went through to come to ultimate decision thats his life was in the hands of God, and how God blessed him. Furthermore, the emotions that one wil go through when they have to wait...I must admit that I am apart of the microwave generation and I like things to be instant. However, one thing that is not instant is faith. Faith is something that is built upon and if it is not built on the right foundation the slighest thing can come and tear it down. It is my prayer that I am able to hold on to the horns of the alter in this time of transition and that I dont allow my flesh to take over me. The pain that I am feeling, the dissapointment of yet another closed door just may lead me to the door that will invite me to take flight into my destiny.

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