up date on "why church folk act like broke folks"

after reading the many replys on "why church folks act like broke folks" i thought it important enough to take my thought deeper as to develop a richer understanding of the text.

Preaching my brothers and sisters is a learnt place ( if you will ) full of wisdom, power, understanding and knowledge.
listen to the words of Paul to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:15)

And that from a child thou (you) have known the holy
scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation
through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Hosea 4:6 say, My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledged: often time we don't want the respondability that come along with preaching. Yes, men want the recognition and to be called lords and masters but not the responability to be responsible in there preaching. Preaching is about training other to help others. And this by no means is the depth, but its a good place to start. We can not srift the blaim or the desire on who receive and who do not receive. Some people would have you to believe that some get it and others do not. We preach the word as though we understand the whole, text or subject. One has only to read the scripture to understand that the condition that is being exploit by unlearnt men is lineing there bags with money. When do we reach for a deeper understanding of the scripture and stop given people are oppion that is not founded upon the WORD OF GOD, and not the feeling of a man. It is said that if i can always make you feel bad about yourself, then you will always need me to make you feel better. That my brothers and sisters, is call lording it over others. Anybody can read and qoute the book but everyone dose not understand it. a closer look at scripture will reveal that the same anointing that was on Jesus provided for them that was with him. Church folks act like broke folks because they are being developed that way. if there is no power, of understanding, on the head how much less is on the body? The true anointing frist destroys the yoke off others and then teach others how to destroy it in there own lives. Watch this, Then together they destroy it from over the ministry and then the church. This is when you will see the church grow and the Lord added to the church. for more on this, and other teaching send me an email and request more!

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