Dear my friends
Greeting form your family in India .
Sorry for it. An old lady of our church died due to rain water flooded in her house and she died I am writing this letter very shortly . pardon me for that. Pray for the family which I am writing. In my last email which I sent you I mentioned about our church believers sufferings due to heavy rain for the past few days , they are affected too much due to this rain water flood. One of our church believers name is Sarael aged 54, today at morning hours she died in the Lord.

She was a widow an she had a only son. Since she took baptism in the Lords name, her relations don’t have any contact with them nor do they help them in any manner. Therefore they kept their faith in the Lord and lived alone in a thatched house. Every month they lived through the support given by the church. Due to continuous rain for the past few days the rain water surrounded her house and inside her house, she couldn’t cook her meal and don’t have place to lie down and sleep. Due to lack of food and blanket to cover herself, her bodily health got affected. If she wants to go to hospital she has to come only to chennai. She didn’t have any hospital in her village and moreover the distance between her village and chennai is too long so she was administered with locally known medicine by the local people. But the lord is not willing her to suffer in this earth so our Lord took the old lady Sarael into his heavenly abode and this is what we believe.Ttoday evening funeral service is taking place so pray for this. You know why I am writing this to you, for the past few years through your prayers and financial support she was able to live in this earth and it’s a great help to her. Pray for her son’s consolation.

Please pray for the Gypsy’s people still they live on the roadside. Through the grace of God and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we are giving food and few clothes to them according to our capacity. As per Apostle Paul’s statement through the perishable things we are wining the imperishable souls for ever.

Pray for the strengthening of our hands and our knees in order to bring all classes of people into the truth of God and into his kingdom.

Only intermittent rain prevails in our city not a continuous rain. Pray for it also. very soon I will meet you through the email sorry for the short letter to you.

Prayer need:

since it’s raining over here water is surrounding our house, we and the children for the past few days can’t able to sleep and cook. Reason is the floor is very wet and chill due to heavy rain some children are not physically good . And the school are on holiday so the children are at home only. Because of this all the children are attested with illness. Pray for them. Now the most important thing to them is a plastic mat to sleep on the wet floor, Bed sheet and medical expense are all the things are needed immediately pray for these.

Thanking you

Your family and ministry in India.

Pastor K.S.Peter palani & Grace Ministry .

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