Voice of Zion - Word from the Lord November 29, 2008

Voice of Zion Ministries, Int’l
November 29, 2008

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Yeshua the Anointed One of God!

I, as an Apostle and Prophet of the Most High God and of His Christ, my Lord, come to you with a sure and tried Word from the Lord. I am directed by the Lord God to share with you the testimony of the birthing and releasing of this word. During the time the Lord spoke to me this word, I was under a trial from the enemy which involved great warfare, witchcraft and the likes. I will be writing later regarding some of the things I not only witnessed but experienced. Because I did not initially release this word when I first received it, a month ago, for which I repent - I was allowed go through a trial/attack from the enemy. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Had you released this word, you would not have suffered through what you just suffered through.” The Lord reminded me of the covenant He has with me as a Prophet, that if I do not speak what He says, He will require ‘their’ blood from my hand. I have paid a price for holding this word, yet I have repented from my disobedience and the Lord’s mercy endures forever. Dear ones of the Lord, who are called by His Name, please do not take this lightly what the Lord is speaking for He sits high and looks low and He searches the reigns of the Hearts of men. He is Just and HOLY and Merciful! Repent!!!

Hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to the Church:

“For this Word shall be carried throughout the Nation”, says the Lord.

“This day I shall pour out my judgment for the iniquity of the sons of man; as Eli sons have committed abominations, so have the sons of man done the abominable thing in my sight! This day says the Lord God I shall pour out my Judgment and hit the sons of iniquity. I am visiting the sins of the fathers on the sons and the sons shall bear the iniquity of the Nation. This Day say the Lord, my wrath and fiery indignation shall be seen and I shall mark them and cut them off from my house.

Be faithful beloved ones for your king is coming soon and my reward is with me says the Lord. In My Right hand is Treasures forevermore but in My Left, is My wrath and judgment. Be faithful in this hour and those that endure shall see the Glory of the Lord.”

I Sam 2:14-17, 21, 25, 29-34, 35-26

As we see in the book of I Samuel, one of the purposes of God raising Samuel up in his day is that there was great iniquity found in the sons of Eli. Eli was the High Priest and his sons were also priests in the temple of the Lord. They committed great sins in the eyes of the Lord. They did not handle the sacrifice of the Lord correctly and according to the Law given by Moses to Aaron and his sons when dealing with the sacrifice given to God and what shall be given to the Lord and what shall be consumed by the priest. They were greedy! They did what they deemed to be right according to their own desires and totally defiled the sacrifice to the Lord. Likewise, as priests, they are to walk according to the law, yet they began to have sexual relations with the women who sat at the gate of the temple; God’s own daughters! Ultimately, God judged the house of Eli and they paid with their lives.

When we look at the word, we understand that the women at the gate not only represent the daughters of God, but PROPHETS! Prophets are called to stand on the Wall and at the Gates of the City, in order to SEE the enemy coming. Yet the Prophets are being seduced by demonic and satanic powers, witchcraft and are falling into sin! And all the while, the enemy is coming into the sheep fold and raping and plundering the sheep of God. This is the hour Prophets where we must watch and pray that we do not fall victim or become a vessel of the kingdom of darkness to hinder, frustrate or tempt any of God’s people!!!

Today, we see the very same thing happening in the House of God that He said shall be a House of Prayer! Men and women who are called and anointed of God (and those who are not called at all by God) are doing the very same abominable things in the sight of God! Do we think He can not See???? He sits High and looks low. The Almighty of Israel is saying, ‘REPENT’ for His wrath is coming to all who forsake His laws and commands!!! This is the hour for us to turn back to our God who is Holy!!!

Therefore, Prophets (and ministers) of the Most High God, King Priests of the Most High God, let us examine ourselves closely and DO NOT be deceived, for God is Holy and He is calling for us to be Holy!!!

In His Service,

Jeanita L. Sykes
Apostle and Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ

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