If the Children of G-d really wanted to know the Bible,... IMHO~They would turn from there superficial understanding and sit at the feet of the Sages of Israel.
~ Why? Because the Sages and Hasidim of Israel wrote the Bible WITH UNDERSTANDING and Really do know their Scrolls far more than the Gentile court has taught.

Sages and Rabbis Lay there lives down for the protection of Israel and that is TORAH INSTRUCTIONS plain and simple.
Above are ~Just some starter places for those wanting to come out of 'The Imperial Church of Rome's' Misconstructed dogma and embrace the real Halachah of Israel inclusive of all the days understandings.
The Torah, Prophets and writings and qabbalah(= received traditions / tree of life teachings) Tanya ( psychology of the Soul/heart) that Yeshua taught from.
Simply stated with no disrespect however Mar Yeshua ben Yoseph was a product of his generation with all the trappings and persecution from Rome.

Trust me when I say that the teaching is like night and day and the revered KJV has some serious discrepancies which are the reason of the leading astray.

Simply if people want to know the Set in Stone rulings regarding Tithe or anything all they have to do is STUDY and OBEY the sages as Yeshua taught them to do...But Sadly they refuse to go back to there heritage and walk the walk.

May HaShem bless your study~

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