Warring In the Spirit...getting Victory over the flesh! Part 1

Some how Ive been at this thing for some years now, only 23. What is this thing you ask...i am referring to this walk, this calling, this anointing, this gift, this burden, this free yet bound situation I am in. Crazy how we as the minstrels of God, the instrument of God make living this life seem so easy. No one is really going to let you know about the sacrifice involved, the persecution, the trials and the testing you will go through. As a matter of fact the bible sort of insures you will go through things that are not always fun. 1 Peter 1:7 Though you be tried with fire (life's crazy pitfalls, hang ups, failures, defeat) you will come out as pure gold (paraphrase). Truth is we are not getting tru victory in the areas that we should. We are fighting in the spiritual realm with our praise, our worship, our prayer and our devotion, but our flesh is still out of control, still not submitted to the will of God. And ministries all around the world are good at dealing with our spirit man...and building it up. They are good for speaking into our lives and causing an emotional transformation. Meaning like emotions, the tranformation was temporary, dont last. We deliver them out of their spiritual sickness, but leave them to deal with their own flesh, dont teach them how to live after deliverance. So we are winning in the spiritual realm but losing at practical teaching, practical living...to be continued!!

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