Recognize the initial way to trully overcome begins with your actions as they bring you to the point of accepting the truth and discern the false teaching. Learn the true walk with God for He seeks fellowship with His Covenant people for they do His Ordinance, Keep His Commandments and Statues forever in their life teaching also to their families for generations to come. Acknowledge when one accepts the truth that Jesus, Moses and many more teachers taught to our forefathers they take the necessary steps to prove they believe for in the heart and mind is the witness revealed out of the mouth with the wit of our God. Now have penance and be truely forgiven your sins by God for the gift of His Salvation awaits His people and was foreordained so know that His Ordinances are required. In private Name your sins to God in the Name of His Son then go to be baptized for the true baptism of the Holy Ghost is among you. Now be reborn a true overcomer into the true body of righteousness with a cleansed soul a new person living to do the true Will of God as you will be taught by the true Comforter all knowledge pertaining to God continue as you are tyro. Note: Confession of sin to God is extremely important for the process of receiving reconciliation and to be in an atomosphere in which God works. Choose to truely believe in stead of just saying what the people of the world state about belief in God. Have penance and be a true overcomer!
To them that overcome God will give to eat of life even after death remember just because the carcass goes to the grave your spirit being alive(with penance) and not dead(without penance) can live on.
Overcomers have the hidden mysteries revealed unto them.
Overcomers keep the works of righteousness to them God will not blot out a pillar they set of His temple and they shall go no more out He shall write life upon their name as He grant to them true knowledge.

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