Brothers and Sisters,

I posted the topic some time ago, but recently so many people are posting information that goes so far from the word of God, I felt that God wanted this posted again. So may people feel that God is the world bank and promises to break you off with alittle something, something. God don't care about your money, but your heart and your obedience. But please read this and be edified as I was and still am.

Deut. 4:1-14
Rev. 22:6-21

In the word of God, He tells us many different things. But the one thing He continues to tell us is that we are to obey His word. Blessed are those who obey. There are hundreds of scriptures that tell us to obey Him. It seems that we are going so far away from obeying the word, many people are suffering. So many people are making up their own scriptures and placing the name of the Lord on it. God never told us that He would bless us without obedience. With obedience comes God's blessings. But Sunday after Sunday, so many many people are preaching that God has your blessings, but they aren't telling the people that God said, " stop sinning", that God said, " you must obey Him", that God said, " you must keep His commandments." ( Jn 5:14, 8:11, Matt. 19:17, Luke 11:28, John 8:51, 52, 14:23)

Now in keeping His commandmednts, God never told us to teach people that year after year something great was going to happen for someone. I'm not saying that we don't teach hope and that God will never bless you. But, we are to store up our treasures in heaven, not on earth. For example, There isn't anything in the word that tells us that 2008 was the year of preperation or 2009 is the year of completion. God never said that the more money you give Him, the more money He will give you back. There scriptures that teach against this concept. In Acts 8:4-25, there was a man name Simon that tried to buy the Holy Spirit. Peter told him to repent for his sins or God would punish him. In 1Tim. 6:5, God said, " that people would confuse Godliness with finacial gain." We have to teach what the word says and only what it says. We are giving people a false hope when we don't have too.

God says to seek after the kingdom of God and His righteousness. God never said that you can name it and claim it. I have never read or seen one scripture that God said, " I will take you to the next level." Can someone please tell me what is the next level? God never told us to go out and build bigger and better buildings. God never told us to go out and get into debt to seek the kingdom. But, we are doing these thing in the name of God. God did tell us to invest in the lives of others and teach them the word of God. If you truly want to see people grow spiritually, teach them the word of God and let God grow them. Only God can do the work that needs to be done, NOT US. God tells us how to live without debt in our lives. But, because we want to keep up with the world and get bigger and better things. We have either foregotten how to teach it or don't care enough to teach. Either way, what is being done is wrong. People don't understand how to give to others, because they are stuggeling in their lives themselves. God has given us the answers to give to them, but we are withholding it from them. Brothers and Sisters, we must obey God and do as the great commission says ( Matt 28:18-20) " go out and teach all nations and baptize then in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." And most importantly, " TO TEACH THEM TO OBSERVE ALL COMMANDMENTS AS I HAVE TAUGHT YOU." Teach only the word and give people a fighting chance.

God bless

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Comment by Pastor Clarice Frazier on August 19, 2009 at 8:05pm
Amen!!!!!!!!! Thank you Bro. Lonnie for keeping it real and staying true to Gods Word.

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