We will do, and we will understand...


Sivan 5-
May 18

This week we celebrate the holiday of
Shavuot,(link to Chabad) the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people, and the stranger among them.The oldest religion on the planet Judaism teaches that receiving the Torah is likened to a marriage under the Chupa, with the Jewish people representing the bride at the foot of Has Sinai, and our Master-Creator the groom speaking out the instructions to one and all.

When we were given the Torah, we responded with Na’aseh V’nishma which is translated to mean, “We will do, and we will understand” with the basic meaning that first we will do and then we will understand.
Gaining wisdom,... knowledge and understanding is an ever ending journey through the wilderness of life.
The point is that the ball is in our court..Replacement theology states otherwise...
We either obtain the Torah until it is one within and then go out to do Tikkun Olam or we just remain in a stupor. Yet our mission is to bring the Light into the darkness and when one walks in the light of Torah When the Love of the Master permeates your very being then you will have entered the Kodosh ha'kodoshim.(Holie of Holies)

The Rebbe Stated our purpose was to Draw G-d's essence back down into this material world" ~~Perhaps you agree?

Isn't this the whole meaning of life in this world: To choose between bondage to the material world and believing that your life comes from
those many forces,----Or to choose true life and to believe that all
your needs and all your concerns come only from the one Source of all
the Rebbe'

To those who have counted the Omer and followed the path of self nullification // Basically soul correction over the last forty nine days can feel an intimate part of this annual time of observance
A time when we remember a time

"Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh." ="All YIsrael is responsible for one another." (Talmud Shavuot 39a)
Proverbs 29:7, "The righteous consider the cause of the poor:~ but the wicked regard not to know of it."

Tuesday evening
we begin the holiday of Shavuot.

May we all be blessed to be open to receive and to connect to the power of the Torah in our lives, and to
continue to act and do the proper things, and to know that through our actions will come the deepest of understanding.

Have a wonderful Shavuot from the ShekinahLife team....Shalom Aleichem

One Day' from Mattisyahu:

When you get a moment,... Stop on by our page.

Some of you have been away for a while,.. Shalom upon your home.../"J&T"

Some Recommended Sites of Interest for the Student(s) among us:




Always keep in mind~~~
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless, minority;keen to set
brush fires in people's minds"

-Samuel Adams


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