African American leadership is suffering from the same thing that world leadership is suffering from.

The belief that one should put their faith in a mortal human being is wrong.

Each of us have had our culture and political Moses, the one who brought us through the parted sea.

It is now time for the world to realize that one must put their faith in one more divinely, our Creator.

African American leaders of today fall short, as leaders in general, do in giving ones hope in mankind.

Mankind has to look upward and inward. Martin Luther King said "he had a dream" Malcolm said that dream had to come to realization "by any means necessary" Al Sharpton, stated that "you can't bring the truth in a wheelbarrel of lies"

Knowing that ones deemed Sharpton not in the realm of MLK or Malcolm and very controversial, it is his statement however, that is closer to the reason that leadership as a whole is going down the tubes.

The truth has to be told! There is no leader today that can answer and correct the problems of African Americans or any American.

Leadership starts with knowing how to be a follower, we have so many agendas today. The old adage "too many chiefs and not enough Indians" blares loudly.

A follower must first be true to thine own self and follow his heart, then learn obiedience and learn how to follow authority, before becoming a leader of people.
A leader must know that to lead you become a servant. That attitude of servitude is what trips up most.

The leaders of African Americans must be the fathers, in the home, in the church and the community. The values of this precept must be ingrained in the hearts of our babies.

The Swahili word "Amachi" means who knows what God has given us in this child" a leader? a follower?

One thing we do know as a people is that our faith is not on any man here on earth but he that gives the ability to be a leader.

Frederick Douglas was given a vision, Nate Turner was given a fight, Medgar Evans was given a cause, MLK was given a dream, Malcolm was given a re-newed mind, a vision, and a fight, Obama walks on streets paved by these leaders and many others, and we understand he carries in his hand his bricks and mortar, our ministers of today must point the way up and remind hearts that the battle is not in vain.

We must wear this world loosely as a garment and understand there is a world for us that will never end.

Losing sight of God is the downfall of African American leaders and leaders as a whole.

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