It seems to me that more christians are conforming more by the minute to worldly standards. The word of God is Plain; "Jesus said if I be lifted up from the earth I would draw all men unto me". The problem comes in when man starts lifting themselves or other men up then Jesus has just be deleted from the program. When you were in the world and trouble was all around you, you were willing to plea bargain with God and say " Lord if you get me out of this mess then I will do whatever you ask me to do". And as soon as he brings a person out of their mess they forget about the promise or just straight up lie to the father. Hell was not meant for man but satan and he followers only yet because of sin hell enlarges itself for man. It used to be a time that christians were contrary to the world; now we see more christians not turn the world to God but turning the world into a God. Ministries are placing more enphasis on money and numbers than restoring relationships with God. Families are still broken yet they attend church faithfully, poverty still abides in the church partly because not many are saying " consider the ant; how in the summer he stores up food and works diligently to fill his supply, and he shares with the colony (in other words no one is telling there congregations to save for a rainy day- it's more like prove God with an seed offering. See theres nothing wrong with a prove God offering: only if you have the money to keep your lights on, save your house from being foreclosed on, or keep you car from being repossed then pay your bills. " Peter came to Jesus and said it is tax season and it is customary to pay a tribute and Jesus said to him "why are you telling me go to the brook put your had in the water and grab a fish and when you get it open its mouth. When Peter did it he saw a coin, took it back to Jesus and Jesus ask him a question: "Who's face it that on the coin and Peter reply was Ceasar and Jesus thatn said give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar but unto GOD what is GOD. The bible declares that many will say to JESUS on that day Lord, Lord did not we cast out devils and healing the sick in your name and he will turn to them and say be gone from me for I never Knew You. So my question is what is so good about the hellish ways that the world has that you are willing to gain it and loose you soul? which would be cast into hell and then utterly destroyed. For the bible declares "where a tree falls is where it lies and the way a man live is the way he dies; live in sin die in sin". " Be not conformed to the world but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind".

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