What is God Saying to U.S. in this Hour Part II

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Is Obama  Odysseus?


Many are asking why, is this military campaign in Libya, are called “Odyssey Dawn.” Therefore, I have decided that  I would give you a brief description without giving you my whole teaching, that I have prepare to teach on my pod cast  on “60 Minutes of Encouraging Words, Sunday March 27, 2011. on BlogTalkRadio why this campaign has been named “Odyssey Dawn.”


I have made it very clear, in my last blog, and I continue to stick with what I believe God has given me. We should not carry out or perform an action along, with these other countries in the “no fly zone”.  We should have stay out of this family dispute.  Now I have some information, I want to share with you. I am trying to give you an understanding of what God is saying to U.S in this hour.  “Odyssey Dawn” means wondering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune.  It also means an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.


Some believe the reason, this campaign is called, “Odyssey Dawn” to represent the long voyage to a New World Order. Keep in mind, and pay close attention, and please put this into consideration, with the Dawn always comes the “Morning Star.”


Isaiah 14:12 King James Version

  1. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!


Odyssey Dawn was the king of Ithaca, and Greek Leader in Trojan War who after the war wanders 10 years before reaching home.


Now I want you to understand this, words have meaning, when we speak we are not just speaking words, and there is power behind, and in the words we speak.  In addition, not all the ideals that we have are always our ideals.  We have to evaluate even our thoughts.  However, that is another subject, and I am not going to deal with it now.  Ithaca or Ithaka is Greek.  It was an island located in the Ionian Sea.  It had had three thousand people dwelling there.  Modern Ithaca identified with Homer’s Ithaca, the home of Odysseus. 



Odyssey is one of the two major ancient Greek epic poems, attribute to Homer.  The poem mainly centers on the Greek hero Odysseus.  This is also a Roman myth as well.  The myth is that Odysseus took a long journey home following the fall of Troy. It took Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the Ten year Trojan War.  The point is this that at the end of the war he never returned home.  Right now, Obama is overseas and I pray that he has a safe return home in Jesus name.


While Obama is gone, I mean while Odysseus was gone, suitor of his wife or the white house was trying to eat up his wealth.  The name of Odysseus wife was Penelope.  Obama is overseas right now as I write this, and the war in Libya, is at its peek. Now congress says, they wanted, yet they do not want, yet Obama is dithering, they now want to cut the money off, that will make the war a success and impeach him.


 I feel personally, we should not be there.  Not because of Obama, but because the Middle East rebels are not organize, and do not have a direction for their cause there.  Therefore, we do not either; this is why Obama cannot give congress a plan, because the people we are trying to save do not have a plan themselves.  We are just trying to save lives, however, if they do not have some one, who is qualified to replace these abusive leaders, then it is not very smart to start an insurrection, and it is not very smart of us to join in with them and die physically and economically.   It like me leaving a job, because the boss is abusive to me, however,  I do not have another job, I am going to, after I lose or leave this job, and whose to say, that the new boss may not  be worse then the old boss.  They are just fighting with no direction; in addition, do not know who is going to replace the old leaders, if they win.


There is a whole lot to this myths and I do not have the time to go through the whole thing so I will hit highlights of it.  The name Odysseus means, “trouble’ both in giving, and receiving trouble, because of his wondering.  Odysseus was cunning intelligent, deceptive in speech.


In the beginning, Odysseus journey was a “rosy-fingered dawn” meaning fresh, young, beginning of change, you can depend on.  However, “rosy-fingered dawn” also represents hardship, of the journey into the future, which symbolizes, or represents as Hilary Clinton stated “a person who lacks experience”.  However, Odysseus was highly recognized, as a young leader with educational experiences, and he was princely among the people he ruled.  Yet, he is an inexperience leader. What does the phrase “rosy finger dawn mean?”



I am a sailor, a veteran and was in the NAVY, for a long time in aviation for over 30 years, “Red morning” means sailor warnings. Red Night – Sailors delight.  Rosy finger also means impending danger.  Aurora another Greek mythical goddess name means Dawn having rosy-colored fingers.  There is more I would like to share with you about this however; I am trying hard to stay on the topic ‘What is God Saying to U.S in this Hour.”


The obstacles develop strength, in addition, these obstacles also symbolizes, stand for, and represents the development of the “dawn”.  We having been watching and observing that President Obama face and hair, his youthful looks, are fading quickly.  When we first saw him, his appearance was youthful, vigorous and fresh, however, now the office of his presidency   and all its pressure is worn, on his face.  Just when it looks like his youthful looks will appear again, another obstacle pops up, and President Obama, like Odysseus again, is trying to get rid of the suitors that are after his wife, (symbolizing his presidential position), out of his house. 


President Obama is the Odysseus of this time, and this war in Libya is the beginning of his journey.  Will Obama be able to make it back, before 2012 elections?  However, in the end Odysseus does see the “gold-throne dawn.”  The “gold-throne dawn” represents strength, wealth, experience, and success, along with accomplishment, and fulfillment.


What is America “Goal” in Libya?

What is the America “Goal” in Libya we don’t know because Libya rebel don’t know.

Here are some more things you should know.  This country is of northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. In the past this country had been control by Carthage Rome, Arabia, and Spain, the area was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1551 to 1911.  It was seized by Italy, and became an Italian colony during World War II, achieving independence as a kingdom in 1951.


In 1969, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi took power in a coop détat establishing a socialist dictatorship.  Tripoli is the capital and the largest major exporter of oil, official national language is Arabic. This city has a population 6, 040,000 so I would say; base on that information, there could be a possibility that we are killing civilians too. 


What is the Resolution of 1973?

We must ask this question, because I do believe this is a mistake and is pushing us toward the return of Jesus Christ.  Why was Libya selected? Look at all the countries over there that civilians are being killed, and murder by their government.  Yet we have a sorry excuse, that we are trying to save lives as we bomb in a very populated area.  Does “oil” have anything to do with this? 


The UN Resolution was agreed by the Security Council, which allows “all necessary action” short of invasion, meaning “boots on the ground.” Is this acting as a way of replacing a regime? No! However, there is no guarantee that what they are doing will work, and this is why, we had a “no fly zone” in Iraq for 12 years. Will the rebels get arms? Of course, not, it is said that the arm embargo will cover both sides.  It is also noted, that the Egyptians are giving the rebels in Libya arms.   Some also believe that it may also be Britain and the French who have claim the rebels to be legitimate government. In addition, Pakistan has nuclear capabilities, and are real friendly with Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi and would not approve of the no-fly-zone.


10 Countries In and Five are Out

I think the reasons why these five countries-Russia, China, India, Brazil and Germany abstained from voting the UNSC resolution on "No-Fly Zone."

They feel that this situation could escalate and lead to international involvement.  One of the reasons, it is said that these countries, as I have read did not want to get involve because of the Arab League asking for help is a reason not to help.


The countries that participate in the “no fly zone” were UK/Canada, USA France, Spain, Italy, Demark, Norway, Qatar, Jordan, UAE. A total, of ten countries that are now involved, this is very biblical.


It is stated that the death toll was 1,000 Libyans die at the hand of Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi. In addition, 100,000 people have left Libya for safety.  I believe this situation will get worse. I believe we should not be in this.



Matthew 27, Simon of Cyrene (a part of ancient Libya) carried the cross of Jesus.  In Acts, chapter two God fearing men from Libya were present in Jerusalem on the day the 120 were filled with the Holy Spirit.


Act eleven Libyan (cyrenc) followers of Jesus Christ brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to Antioch Syria, these men were later made disciple of Jesus Christ.


The Bible then shares with us in Acts Thirteen Lucius Cyrene becomes leader of the church at Antioch assisted Barnabus and Paul in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to Asia and Europe.


When you get a chance read Ezekiel chapters 38-39 will Libya joins with Russian-Iranian alliance against Israel. Will Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, be able to ride this out or will it be one of his son that bring on the war of Gog and Magog.


In Daniel 11 scholars state that in the last days, it will be Libya, who will be one of the countries that will be under the direct control of the Antichrist.


Therefore, what we are seeing is Libya play a tremendous role in the beginning of the church and now we are seeing in the Bible that Libya will be betrothed, in the great evil of the End of Days.  



I normally do not give out my transcripts before I teach them, but in this case I will, I think it is very important that the church quit playing we are in trouble and we need to really pay attention to the signs of the End Times.


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