Love is a feeling, a state of awareness
Love is achieved through empathy
Empathy is a choice to recreate in the self, that which is being experienced by another soul
Without empathy there can be no compassion
Compassion comes from the desire to end the suffering that is felt by another soul, because the ‘self’ is experiencing that suffering also, through empathy. In ending another person’s suffering, the self ends its own
Empathy results in the sharing of another person’s feeling, whether they be of suffering or joy
Love therefore is a feeling that is only content when it is not in conflict with other feelings
Love is the way because it seeks an end to conflict and suffering. It seeks equality in what is good and right for all.
Those who feel love seek to bond through empathy with those who also feel love, thereby achieving harmony and an enhancement of the love felt by one.
The bonding of souls must be a two way agreement to be fulfilled, otherwise there is no profit in it
Souls with love teach love to others through demonstration, in the hope that they will reap what they sow with profit.
Unconditional love is unconditional empathy
The greatest threat to the self’s feeling of love comes from those who do not feel love, because they have not chosen empathy
The greatest threat should always receive the greatest attention
The greatest challenge requires the greatest sacrifices. No soul would give up everything because there would be no profit in an end to awareness.
The soul that knows that it is spirit and cannot cease to exist, is the only one that is capable of enduring suffering and surrendering all that is not of the spirit. It knows that it will receive a greater reward after its loss.
Love is the revealer of truth. Truth is found through empathy and understanding without these, forgiveness is not possible.
Love is the treasure hidden in every soul at its creation
The self is the seed that only grows by the light of love and the nourishment of truth, delivered by the spiritual water
Life is awareness, awareness is feeling
Love is the greatest feeling
When awareness feels only love, it becomes love
When love is complete, so also is truth and the soul is perfected
The perfected soul is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Only a perfected soul can reside with that which is perfect, its creator

Love and Peace

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