A friend recently asked me what the purpose of Circle of Prayer Partners (COPP) is. My response was that the aim is to give people reminders to keep God first. The next question was what is prayer to me? My response was that if we are to pray ceaselessly there must be a way to accomplish that.
If the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are to be acceptable in God’s sight the goal is not unattainable. We are waging a war of principalities. The spirit and the flesh are constantly at odds. I have learned about myself that I am a creature of habit and a rebel at the same time. I want to determine who and how my habits are created. After many attempts at “finding” success, I decided to follow Jesus.
How can I make following Jesus a habit? Practice, practice and more practice. COPP is one of many vehicles that are reminders to place God first in all things. When looking for the things of this world we are bombarded with things that say, “touch it, feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, buy it, lease it, rent it, try it,” etc, etc.
Prayer is the dialogue that we have with the Lord. It can be a buffet, a great feast or intravenous. It depends on your appetite for God’s blessings. If you have a taste for blessings at bill paying time, that’s when you’ll pray the most. If you have a taste for blessings when sickness visits your household, you’ll pray so hard to meet that need…but when you long for the endless flow of God’s blessings your prayer life will reflect that.
Just as satan will bombard us with distractions it is our responsibility to place reminders in our lives that God must always come first. And so, my friends, COPP is another reminder of Who it is that is in charge of our salvation. Even Microsoft word tries to force me to spell satan with a capitol s. Make your prayer life a rich and continuous flow from your heart to the heart of God. Visit and participate at COPP and be part of a reminder that God is first in all things. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

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