What seams real is not always certain. Real in the natural sometimes means it has not yet caught up to the spirit. It always happens first in the spirit then manifests in the flesh or natural. What seems real in the eyes of man will change in the natural and always line up with Gods Spirit and Truth.

Real in what you see is not always certain, real is not absolute! Real flesh can not stand up to an eternal situation. God’s truth is the only reality; it sets the standard for what is real both in the natural and spiritual. The real truth of the matter is that in the world the standard is the lie, a language that has no room for Gods truth. The lie will not last; it is neither eternal nor complete, on the contrary it is totally incomplete.

There is nothing that is eternal except spirit. Reality is the truth revealed in the heart and without real truth the heart is empty and void. A heart empty and void of God and filled with self is a natural reality. What is seen in the natural is understood by the five human senses and to trust in mans senses alone, is to fall way short of what is truly real.

Man’s life is but a vapor in referenced reflection of eternity, and those who are really alive having real life will have it with the one who gives life. Real life can only have its origins in something lager than what is seen in the natural. If spirit is not reality and only what is seen in the natural then why can so many see past this life to another?

Faith is a gift, a spiritual fruit grown only of God. The seed of faith comes from Gods spoken word that pierces the darkness of mans heart bringing Gods wonderful light. Without faith there would be no hope, because it comes first. He. 11:1 Faith is, it can’t be conquered up, it is a gift of God to everyone. The gift of faith has been given, but only a measure, enough to gain entrance into heaven or to be sent to a place without light.

Faith is a fruit and like an apple an apple or an orange an orange, faith is what it is. Faith is a spiritual gift from God that can be refused or received being nurtured to grow. Great faith will grow into a mighty tree that the birds can come and live in. Angels will not come to trust making their abode in a bush of unbelief. Gods grace, and truth, given with Gods gift of faith are what’s truly real.

Blessings Steven

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