what is true love?  True love is rooted in God's love. It is a love that gives and it forgets that it has given. It is love that gives with pleasure.  that is How God gives His love to us with pleasure.  the essence of true love is to serve in a spirit of selfless service to others. Consequently jealousy and antigonism can not be found in true love.  In true love the happiness of one is the happiness of the other.  False love seeks  to use  one's partner to satisfy oneself needs.  True love is free from this corruption.  True love is rooted in God' love.  God' love is eternal, absolute, unchanging, unique, selfless, unconditional  and it does not favor one over the others.  Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah


Sun Myung Moon was born in South Korea in 1930, where communist police  would torture and kill Christians if they would not give up their faith to Lord Jesus Christ.   Sun Myung Moon was captured by Communist police five times and was brutaly  tortured bloody .  But he never denied HIS FAITH TO GOD and his love for Lord JESUS has  only increased.

Lord JEsus has trusted him  by reveling to him  many mysteries of BIBLE.  It is writen in a book called Divine Principle.

Sun Myung Moon was called at the age of 16 by Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill  the role of True Parents on earth , with Anointing from God ,  the Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus he and his wife  has BLESSED  in marriage 400,000.000 couples .  the Blessing has the significant of removal of the ORIGINAL SIN.

please visit:  www.familyfed.org, www.aclc.info




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