What is Wrong with Going Back on the Potter's Wheel?


When Jacob sons, Simeon and Levi took it upon themselves to kill all the males in the land, because Shechem who was the prince of the land defiled their sister. Jacob became troubled because he knew he was in the mist of the Canaanites and the Perizzites and if they heard what happened they will make war with him. God call unto Jacob and told him to arise and go up to Bethel the place where you went when you fled from your brother, dwell there and make an altar there. He did what God told him to do and after he obeyed God, God spoke to him concerning the promises he already made to him, Isacc and to Abraham and if you want to go back further the promise also came through Noah who is the decedent of Terah, Abram father. He will posses the land which was promised as well as his seed.

When he first went there and saw the angles ascending and descending and God above it, the name of the place was called Luz but after he had a visitation from God he called the place Bethel, For surely God is her. If Jacob was not willing to go back to where he first spoke to God he would not have received the blessings of God which was promised. It is okay to go back on the Potter's wheel if you want to be made into a better vessel. It is just like a caterpillar before it forms into a butterfly, it must abide in a cocoon for a period of time. It appeared once in one form, then it was hid for a season, and after the season was up it became its true form.

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