From the day that our parents conceive us before giving birth,
The Bible is the Believers Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
It is the Word of God which gives us power to live this life
To proclaim the victory even when we encounter strife.
It is filled with the LIVING word of our Father.
Yet to read it, some don't even bother.
It is what gives life to a dead or dying soul.
It is living water in which to wash and make us whole.
It is the foundation of all that we believe.
It is God speaking that we might not be decieved.
It is the source of my salvation and all that I live for.
When I think I have it all, it is God's word that gives me more.
More power, more strength, and determination to stand.
More of a willingness to hold to my Father's hand.
It gives me the confidence and comfort needed to depend on Him
To know that He will keep me when I am standing on a limb.
It is the food that feeds me everything I need.
It is the POWER that is given for me to succeed.
Yes, it is my Father's Spirit calling for me to let Him in
So that He can cleanse and keep me from a multitude of sin.
It is what I long for as I write it on the tabernacles of my heart.
It is the one thing from which I refuse to depart.
I need it every hour of each and every day.
"Help me to take it in, Lord, that it may guide me along the way."
It is my compass when I am feeling lost.
It is what tells me that Yeshua paid the final cost.
It lets me know that Satan desires to sift me as wheat,
And it gives me what I need to sit at my Father's feet.
It reminds me that the battle belongs unto the Lord,
And it tells me that we should all be on one accord.
Desiring to labor in the vineyard that has been laid
Not dwelling in the past about the mistakes that have been made.
Forgiving our brothers and sisters while praying about their faults.
Not giving room to gossip, but teaching what they've not been taught.
It shows me how to submit myself unto God's Holy will,
And it reminds me that I could have never paid my bill.
It teaches me how to love and to never hate.
It teaches me that my God,He is never late.
It teaches me that God has great love for me
To the very point that He gave His Only Begotten Son to set me free.
It teaches me that vegence is not mine,
And that if I live for my God, I will not be left behind.
The Bible teaches me that God's judgement is true,
And if you sincerely repent, He will turn His wrath from you.
Copyright ©2009AnnBanks

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