What things will keep us from sin?

The Bible says at 1 John 3:9 that "Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God." The scripture says that if we are born of God we don't sin and yet sin flourishs in the body of Christ.

Proverbs 14:26 says that "In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge." Do we have a healthy fear of the Lord and if we do why is there still sin?

Some things that keep us in sin are carelessness, negligence to the Word of God, Little or no prayer life, and some help from activities of the dark side.

You would think that the knowledge that sin leads to death would be enough for us.
We know what happened to Adam and Eve and the consequences of their actions.Why doesn't it help us to be free of sin? Do some of us think that it's not going to happen to me? Also
usually before a sinless state occurs warning signals appear. We may hear that still small voice of the spirit warning us. We may get a little chill that goes through us like a stop sign warning us not to go any further. We get the signal but like our ancestors Adam and Eve we get the warnings that a situation is hazardous but we continue to proceed anyway. We know that sin can lead to death and we still proceed.

What about those of us that have friends in the world? Those of us who have friends in the world have to be very careful. Those who are friends of the rebellious should not be surprised to recieve a visit from a familiar spirit. If you have a problem gambling but your friends like to play poker don't be surprised if you fall back into a gambling habit. If you have a problem drinking but your friends like to drink and party don't be surprised if you fall back into drinking mode. Bad associations spoil good habits. Know your weaknesses and then stay away from anyone or anything that could lead you in that direction.

The world is in the grip of evil. Satan has perfected his craft so much that instead of him going to us, we now go to him.

What thing can control our desire to sin? Staying in the word of God daily can do a lot to control our desire to sin.

Those of us who for whatever reason have given in to sin we should repent. If you fall down pick yourselves up.Try to figure out whats going on and how you got into the mess. Associate with people who can help

Don't grieve the Holy Spirt - If he has given you something to do follow through so that he will continue to supply you. If your spiritual supply runs dry you will start to rely on human understandings or you may say things that God does not want you to say. You may fall into sin.

Other things to keep us from sinning:
Love God with your whole mind, heart, and strength. Make God your top choice. Don't think that he doesn't notice this. Be consistent in loving Him.

Have a healthy fear of God. Ideally the fear of God is the only real fear that we should have.

Remember that your secretive sin will someday be exposed. Your sin may also affect your family now and in the future.

Think of the shame of having the secret sin revealed.

Be aware that the church may be disturbed. The time and effort used to reconcile you could be used elsewhere

Remember that all the good works that you have done could be for naught

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