when did the roman stop killing the hebrews

By the late 19th century pseudo-medieval symbols were the currency of European monarchical state propaganda. German emperors dressed up in and proudly displayed medieval costumes in public, and they rebuilt the great medieval castle and spiritual home of the Teutonic Order at Marienburg.[36] King Ludwig II of Bavaria built a fairy-tale castle at Neuschwanstein and decorated it with scenes from Wagner's operas, another major Romantic image maker of the Middle Ages.[37] The same imagery would be used in Nazi Germany in the mid-20th century to promote Germany national identity with plans for extensive building in the medieval style and attempts to revive the virutes of the Teutonic knights, Charlamagne and the Round Table.[38]

In England, the Middle Ages were trumpeted as the birthplace of democracy because of the Magna Carta of 1215.[39] In the reign of Queen Victoria there was considerable interest in things medieval, particularly among the ruling classes. The notorious Eglinton Tournament of 1839 attempted to revive the medieval grandeur of the monarchy and aristocracy.[40] Medeival fancy dress became common in this period at royal and aristocratic masquerades and balls and individuals and families were painted in medieval costume.[41] These trends inspired a nineteenth-century genre of medieval poetry that included Idylls of the King (1842) by Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson and "The Sword of Kingship" (1866) by Thomas Westwood, which recast specifically modern themes in the medieval settings of Arthurian romance.[42][43]

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