I recently met a great man of God, who walks mighty in the Lord! But how long will the children of God allow the things of the world to offend them so easily. If you don't agree with them, accept their beliefs, or bow to their will... then you are not a man/woman of God yourself!

How can you take black and white words that say one percifi thing and get a entire different thing from it. Let me help you... it's called putting words in the person's mouth that was never said in the first place. The flesh has completely tooken over and instead of just dealing with it, they rather put it off on the other person.

It's time we stop attacking others that just are out to show you you and start working with the Body of Christ to build the Kingdom of God! Don't you think it's time to stop taring down Christ's children just to build yourself up in the eyes of people. Stop saying you love the love of Christ and when God uses someone to shine the light on what you thought was dead, you kicked them to the side.

When are we going to stop playing Christ and be about Christ?

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