Where your mind lives
When all is quiet, when the necessities of the day have been tended to, when your mind is free of any constraints, what do you think about? Do you dwell on anger, limitation, worry, or envy? Or do you fill your mind with thoughts of love, possibility, confidence, abundance and generosity?

Wherever your mind lives, that is where your life is headed. The thoughts you think most frequently, willingly and intensely have the power to shape and define the reality of your life. So what thoughts are shaping you right now?

Your thoughts are independent of every constraint imposed upon you. Even in the most unfortunate, desperate situations is it possible to fill your mind with the loftiest thoughts. Indeed, it takes effort and intention to direct your thoughts. Yet it is an ability which no outside power or limitation can deny to you.

Thinking alone won't get you anywhere. Yet what you think will surely determine who you will be.

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