My take on Christology:
If all you know in your walk with G-D is what your seminary or Pastor is telling you and you have no mature Biblical study under your belt ~~~Do not read any further You will be offended OR you may find yourself asking questions Like why was I never instructed to the real roots of my faith.

It is time for "חכמה Chochmah, בינה Binah, דעת Da'at" [Hebrew]
("Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge" to come forth)

I am not a student of Christology; I left that ball game long ago.
In My humble opinion it is full of divisiveness not of G-D
However it is a good entry level with the right teacher having some Judaic understanding.
But it is not the full plate of a man seeking maturity in the Divine.
I am not a Mess-ianic either for that is just a name change upon Christianity yet a little closer to the Biblical basics.
Similar to the journey, 'out of her' for Avraham.
Remember, Avrahams father stayed with him for many more years and it is my opinion there was a few idols in daddy’s tent.
Consider your own walk it takes a while to purge and recognize which is no longer needful to walk out your journey
I remember when the audible voice came to me in the mid day and said: “Prepare for the Journey”. I stopped and spoke out back to HIM, “What is this some kind of Abraham journey?” and then went to my appointment, not realizing I was also on the way to HIS appointment for my life.
Many times over the years there has been those course corrections.

Like Jacob, I too had to fight with the Angel…I guess if I must say it, I fought with G-D Himself on occasions much like Moshie pleading for one thing or another…all the time not realizing that I was on the journey up the Hebron Mountain to meet Him once again.
[For those who read my book Know what this is referencing]

At this point of my life I feel I am a serious student seeking Jewish roots and Historical facts.
Also at this point, I feel the walk of Yeshua as a man, a navi [Prophet] and Nasi [teacher] to Israel was as a man who had obtained the level of Hasidim at minimum and actually was a man a Tzadikkim (Righteous One) fully acquainted with Chassidut/Quabbalah working in the realm of the Ruach much like the Rav, Israel AKA the Baal Shem Tov / Besht.

In simple terms this man Yeshua was fully connected with the Divine, trusted and empowered and went about doing good.
Not only that, but we are told He taught others as well Did not the disciples report they were in astonishment that even the demons were subject to them.
Least we forget that Kepha [Peter] gave a valiant try at walking on water.
Not many try that today…
We are to do the same, if not greater works for the father’s glory, but we must connect to the divine in the greatest intimate love known to mankind as Yeshua and others have done throughout the generations.
Historically the Hebrew writings show many miracles and even miraculous feedings of the multitudes from an assortment of people, men and women.
Even resurrection from the dead is recorded, that is why Judaism believes it and a whole lot more I will not discuss in this brief letter.
Rome turned Yeshua into a G-D or another G-D in my opinion and you can have your opinion as well. I would suggest if you think that the Master was fooling around when he spoke to HIS Prophets that there was No other G-d before HIM then you are entitled to think that way I personally want to enter in after this fun here on earth to what he spoke to me on that mountain in 1989.
I am not saying you need to be Jewish/Hebrew to do these greater works, for some will remember a simple Christian man 'Smith Wigglesworth who was so connected to the Divine he is reported to have raised some thirteen to nineteen people from the dead [six were un-verified] and scores of others were healed.
A.A. Allen is another one of notable character and works, which went out to do good.
I ask why not the millions of others who wanted to serve did not have these types testimonies and merely looked on. In my opinion is because they and others not mentioned had a serious desire to connect with the Divine.
No they did not know what we have access to today for learning and comparison, however they were still trained up by well meaning men, set themselves apart and loved G-D with all their understanding, completely knowing that the veil was opened and therefore they connected to the divine power.

Therefore I submit that all the first century men and women were doing was incorporating the Gentiles into the teachings with a bare minimum of the seven Noahide laws, which in turn is the basis of the sixty six laws of HaTorah laid down for the gentiles, that cover all aspects of living if you are gentile, which was the main mandate to the gentile first century church.
This was to ensure that the Gentiles would have a place in the world to come. My recent research shows that one of the main Yeshivas, which Yeshua came out of and the Essene priesthood was in favor of the gentiles learning these important lessons.
The other factions specifically the Bet Shammai Or House of Shammai was against the gentiles and ruled that Gentiles would not have a place in the world to come. Moreover because of the 'anger without a cause' toward the gentile peoples, they eventually lost the Temple.
So it is my opinion the Temple may have been their to this day, if the rulers of the Temple grounds had heard the warning from men like Yeshua and Rav. Hillel, let alone the prophetic warnings of Daniel.

The Ten Commandments [Mitzvot] are the basis for the six hundred and thirteen Mitzvot that cover all aspects of life for a Jewish person.
In my opinion we are so far removed from what Yeshua and his Talmidim/disciples were teaching, it is not funny any longer and I feel prophetically soon the Master will call it all into account.

Christology has a quagmire of various teaching added to the mix since then.

As you may know the children of the ‘church’ are not ready to lay down all the theology that has been interwoven into Christology.
Even the Mess-ianic groups are divided over how to say the name or some variation of confusion leading to more divisions in the future...Yes they are closer, but they for the most part are still holding onto Roman theology birthed through the protestant womb and liking it.
That is why I see them as a MESS, if not checked soon, they will have as many flavors as Christianity, with some twenty three thousand variations recorded to date on the planet.

That in my humble opinion is a far cry from Yeshua’s prayer “I pray that you become one as I and the Father are ONE”…
I Ref: Shema Israel [Deverim/Deuteronomy 4:v6-9] for there is only One' we owe allegiance too.

Paul stated When he was a child he did childish things, But then...He grew up into the Full stature’ [ref~Eph 4:11~~Yeshua is stated as being a man of full stature in the word and in deed] we need to grow up into the full knowledge as well to become effective for the Master' if we wish to be sent out with authority and power.

When your were young playing with the children at the playground all is fun and games...but the Parent/ Mother is ever so watch-full of all that is going on.

Much like a Watchman/Notzrim. That is what a real man of G-D is to do, ...put away the toys.... and study, study, study…. Then become a watchman for YAH’…ever so watchful of the goings on and when called upon help to correct them.

If you do not know the Fathers truth you cannot be a true watchman.
If you do not have biblical you should not try to teach either for that will lead to confusion...Teaching the jump and shout message is sometimes nice for the children just starting out, But it lacks true reverence in my opinion.

A very good friend/mentor/partner, researching historical truth with me, get together often and sometimes he and I mock some of the things of foolishness inherited in Christology101colleges.
Recently I had forwarded a message to him for review of his opinion...We all have those you know.
So he wrote back this statement to an e-mail I had first sent to him.
I thought it was hitting some valid points, Re: the death of a martyr for the cause.

What the womb of Rome has taught and handed to the Protestant daughter and then birthed through her is not the fullness of rabbinic thought passed down to their offspring over 3,500 plus years.
Take note, it has some solid points within it as to real Judaism thinking, So glean from it what you can as I myself could not put it this well.

"But didn't He die for our sins!"

Well, the death of any and all martyrs carries with it "vicarious atonement," because the martyrdom of the Tzadikkim (Righteous Ones) is directly linked to the concept of the "Merits of the Fathers." The only reason that the Deity doesn't wipe us all out is because of the "Merits of the Fathers," which is to say, "He doesn't wipe us out, because there are still a few pious souls who are keeping His Laws."

When a person is murdered while they are "sanctifying The Name" that person is considered to be a martyr and therefore a Tzadiq (Righteous One); hence, their martyrdom becomes part of the "Merits of the Fathers," which covers (atones) for the short-comings (sins) not only of the Jewish people, but those of the entire human race! You don't have to "accept" this "atonement," because it's already out there covering (atoning) for our sins!

Atonement is not a "one way ticket to Heaven." Atonement merely keeps us from being utterly destroyed by the Wrath of YHVH. The Gentile Church took the middle ground and taught that ... only the "vicarious atonement" present in the martyrdom of "Jesus" was valid and salvific, but ... the "Christian Saints" could intercede on one's behalf, if one prayed to them for help.

The only reason that "Paul" kept yammering about Yeshua's martyrdom was because his proto-Gnostic opponents were saying that "Jesus" was never really a human being and he never really suffered martyrdom, because he was just a "projection" (emanation) from the Godhead and he only appeared to be a flesh and blood human being.

The proto-Gnostics didn't care about "vicarious atonement" or the "Merits of the Fathers."
For them, being "saved" meant being "rescued" from the Archons (literally "the Rulers," which for them meant the Heavenly Planets, which were the "gods"). For them, to be truly "saved" one had to return to the Godhead; however, after one died and one's "spirit" tried to ascend back to the Godhead ... the Archons would stop one's ascent and give one's "spirit" a drug that would make one forget their true origins and their past life. After being drugged into a state of apathy and forgetfulness, the Archons would send the "ignorant spirit" back to Earth, where it would be placed into a new body; hence, everyone gets re-incarnated over and over and over again.

The proto-Gnostics held that in order to be rescued from this endless cycle of "transmigration of the soul" one had to be initiated into their "mystery religion" by undergoing various pseudo-Torahic rituals and one had to be given a secret knowledge (gnosis) that would help one "out fox" the Archons, so one's "spirit" could ascend back to the Godhead after one's death.

This is why the early Jewish Ma'aminim (Believers) said that one MUST believe that Mar Yeshua came in the flesh, because the proto-Gnostics were saying that "Jesus" was never a flesh and blood human being.
The Gentile Church took the middle ground on this issue and came to the conclusion that "Jesus did come in the flesh, but he was also God."
The Gentile Church was infected by proto-Gnostics concepts very early on, which is why "Paul" had to keep writing all those corrective epistles, which his proto-Gnostic opponents simply re-interpreted to suit their own belief-system.

As proof that "Jesus" wasn't really a flesh and blood human being ... the proto-Gnostics taught that "Jesus" appeared to be born of a virgin and, therefore, he didn't need a human father!
Sexual intercourse was "fleshly" and "vulgar" and "sin-filled," so "Jesus" had to appear to be born of a virgin.

Again, the Gentile Church took the middle ground on this issue; hence, we have the belief that "Jesus" was born of a virgin, yet ... because he emanated from the Godhead ... he didn't need an earthly father.
For the Gentile Church, it was enough that "Jesus" had a mother who was a descendant of King David.
In short, "Jesus" couldn't have been the product of a sexual union, because then he couldn't have been a "pure sacrifice."

Too many people don't know the origins of Christianity.... "Jesus" is not "God" and he didn't magically appear in the womb of a virgin.
He was the product of a sexual union and, according to Judaism, our Heavenly Father fashions each one of use in the womb from our parents' DNA; hence, He is literally our Heavenly Father and the Co-Agent in the conception of each and every child.” [end]

~~I hope that little wealth of info is of value to someone, I hope you glean something from that as for the Imperial church Rome /RCC they did not deal with the virgin birth until 640+AD/CE and it was finally canonized in 696 AD/CE according to their own records.
So, I am not a great math student but is that not six hundred years after the killing stake/Cross?
And the reason given by the RCC?
Luke had a conversation with Miriam and she told Luke the story.
To me this is pretty thin evidence.
Ok 600 years later this was imbedded into the Roman theology and now today people fight over it.
I say get out of ROME and go up the Mountain to the Basics…If it is not in the True and Historical Torah, the prophets and writings of the Hebrew Bible Then lay it down for what it is a n added theology Much of what Rome was famous for integrating paganism to please the masses.
The name of Eve’ in the KJV is really Chava’ which means the Mother of all Living.
So it is my conceptual idea that she was the one to receive the promise, after all she did proclaim I have received the Promise a Man Child’.
Therefore I believe at this juncture that she is in fact the mother of all living mankind birthed from her womb, and the birth of Yeshua was in the same respect.
Simply from the womb of a woman in the natural way impregnated with the seed from her natural husband.

Ok so you may or may not agree. Stick with Rome, I do not think it is the worst thing you can do on this planet.
However, the master has much to say regarding walking out HIS word and really the New Testament / BritChadasah is not His word as much as a historical rendition with many add-ons of the Torah walk and much fighting between the factions at the time.
Yes It is also filled with much encouragement, But then to a serious student, the original scrolls of Adonai are to cry for, they are the life of Israel, they are the essence of history embedded within the small print, they are your very existence.
That just caused some alarm I know. However that is my perception at this juncture of my life.
To those who do not know I have been on this journey for several decades outside the walls of what is known as the church in a little cave at the Master’s feet in learning. Much of what I believe was given in the midst of the night in the fathers voice, other things that formed my perspective is seeing the arrogant apathy of the American church and it’s lack of maturity.
Many of those who read my writings think I may be missing that But then I am not the one sitting in some pew hearing some blowhard expound his theology week after week then passing the plate for nothing more than financial gain either for his denomination or for himself rarely does it help the world at large
I am of the belief that way too many have been told to sit down and shut up by the so called church and have missed their divine appointment of the journey to greater works.

So really I may be wasting the MASTERS time here writing, or even thinking some of you might like to really research the historical roots of our faith together.

LASTLY: I will share this story of my early years in the ministry to YAH’ and perhaps you will get a feel for why I' do not cater to all this foolishness and chasing after titles so many use today.
"When I was young in the faith all I wanted then was a ‘plaque on the wall’.... Why…because that is what I was being told follow us and we will make you fishers of men and you will prosper’ Yes I went to a Word of Faith school for a short season... Mixed with the best of them... knew the best of them.

But one day a humble, little 4' 9" prophetess of G-D [a real one] came up to me in my Ukrainian pastors church and said:
SON' you need to quit seeking that plaque on the wall!!…All you want to do is preach, preach, preach, but He tells me to tell you:
HE' will send you out when you Mature, Mature, Mature, in HIM, Then He will send you out!

That was twenty+ years ago; She was simply a guest speaker at a prophetic conference. She knew nothing of that I had spoke those same words out only a few weeks earlier and there was no one but G-D to tell her.
Do not ever think He is not hearing all you say or watching all you do…it overwhelms me at times.

I write for you to glean from because it is not the degree of men that is important.

It is the Intimacy with the Divine / with the Master that is important.

Watch who you follow they could very well lead you from the greater works walk
Yochannon / John put it well “You need No man teach you” [First John 2:v27-29]

What you do need, to do is go up Hebron mountain and sit in a cave of learning at HIS feet till HE tells you to Arise and Shine for HIM [YeshaYAHu/Isaiah 60:v1]
No foolishness is allowed it is time to walk in the Full stature of a man of YAHweh It is time to “Arise and shine for HIS Glorification in and through you.

I hope that helps someone, if so let us know if you want to come up the mountain and away from Rome much like an Abraham walk.
Perhaps we can point you in the right direction.
Blessing and peace~~~Shalom, Shalom… James L. Hamilton

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