I do not teach “spoken” Hebrew, but I do teach Hebrew word meanings. Often times there are messages hidden just in one Hebrew word. Kafim right straight up has the letter Kaf Kaf they say was written originally as a man being bent, or bowing as before a king. But the Paleo Hebrew actually shows the palm of a hand. Elohim's cup like hand is filled with infinite love for those that worship Him as their fragrance is said to be so sweet He can not resist us.

Kaf is also related to qal or to carry, used in Psalm 91:12 we are reminded that YHWHs angels will lift up or carry Elohim's chosen ones so they will not dash a foot against a stone.

Isaiah 49:16 we find another component to the word as well, “katab” which means inscibed or written. THIS WORD APPEARS 200 TIMES in scripture and represents writing down a message, which could be written in stone, on paper, in the sand, or a multitude of materials, The importance is YHWH says it is fixed, a written done deal.

So what exactly is Elohim saying to the Israelites? When they called out in despair or distress, they often accused Him of forsaking them *(as do we) YHWH responds to the bond of a mother and her child, but He says even that bond could be broken, “ Never will I forget you, how could I forget you? I have your picture engraved on the palm of my hand” It is important to note the Hebrew word (unlike modern translations) does not say “I have inscribed your name” it says “I jhave inscribed ( to draw) YOU! Take a moment let those words soak in... in that palm of His hand he holds us, He carries us, He lifts us up, so His eyes are always on us, Like as a child we hold a butterfly ever so softly turning our hand to observe its delicate beauty.. For those of us who love Him... I can not think of any greater word ... Kafim The palm of Yaweys hands!

D. Baumet

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