Habakkuk 2:1-3
(2) And the Lord answered me and said “Write The vision, and Make It Plain Upon Tables, That He May Run That Readeth It”

First We Must Write The Vision, and it must be written. It must be in specific detail, covering all the areas of what God has allowed you to already see in your mind. It must be elegantly prepared, more than just jotting down a few things on a couple of pieces of scrap paper and always stored upon completion in a safe place away from any-possible damages. The vision given to you from God is your Spiritual Business Plan, concerning your LIFE, your CALLING, your GIFTS, and assigned OFFICE. The Written Vision is your starting point of SEEING where God wants you to be. You have arrived at this point in your life through Pure Grace, no work of your own has gotten you where you are RIGHT NOW….and just for that, we say THANK YOU LORD!!!! You have accepted the calling into the Kingdom, and God has allowed Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit to set you apart for the preparation of our soon to come KING and His Kingdom. You have already begun the process of PURIFICATION, SAINTIFICATION and now we enter into our Justification period…where we are Justified for those blessings and the inheritance due to us.

The Prophecy about you and your Future in the Kingdom has ALREADY been given to you, you have seen where you are going, and what you will possess, and it is only Right That You obtain that which has already been placed in your Spirit…It Is Yours!! The written Vision is a God given map, a set of directions on how to get where you are suppose to be, and we must adapt quickly to the Kingdom’s Rules & Regulations, in order for us to Change our pessimistic Earthly mediocre Character and take on the Character Of Christ…Our King. Each time those patriots in the Bible were called, and they answered the call…they were given a road map of instructions on where, when and how to obtain in the present day…their already given Future!!! Write The Vision….Write The Vision…….Are You Writing The Vision?

You may not understand everything that you are told to write, but just write, because in due time the vision concerning you will become easier and easier to understand. The Holy Spirit will begin to Speak to you, and Through You, all concerning you and the precious lives of those people the Vision will affect. The Vision will become clear…can you see what God is showing you, concerning YOU!

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Comment by ginaprays on September 5, 2011 at 10:58am
AMEN thank you for sharing and God bless you in the Name of the LORD Jesus.

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