YES IT IS TIME....For What YOU Might Ask?

Have you been spending a lot of time in the "safe zone" or in your "comfort zone?" Or, are you already in the "FAITH ZONE?"

I once heard it said that FAITH is:




T.alents and abilities through


I can attest because I've been in the "safe zone" for quite some time. Since I've been there I've learned some things along that path. One thing thing I've learned is, there are times when the "safe zone" plays an important role but there comes a time when you have to recognize when it is time to come out. The reason is because the "safe zone" is only meant to equip you for the adventure that lies ahead.

It's sort of like a training area so to speak, but once you have acquired all the necessary skills that are learned through your experiences, test, trials, bumps and bruises, it becomes time to ACT on those things which you have learned. Yet when you remain in the "safe zone" beyond the time that was entended you tend to find your self miserable, frustrated, agitated, making excuses, finding every reason in the book or under the sun because you are starting to adapt to the environment that was only meant for equipping. Being there too long will cause to to start complaining and seeing all the things around as a place of confinement when all you have to do is make a decision to step out on Faith.

Many times I've heard that Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen with your natural eyes. But when I began to dig a little deeper and search out what faith is about, I found that the definition of substance is: the subject matter of thoughts and that of which things consist. It is also considered to be wealth, possessions and means, and the definition of evidence is: the ground for belief. So when I pulled it all together I found that Faith is:

The substance = the wealth, possessions and means and the matter of thoughts for things hoped for and the evidence = the ground for belief concering the things not seen.

When you can see yourself beyond your current reality you have something to work with. Don't second guess yourself. Don't listen to the naysayers or even your own innerme (enemy). Don't even listen to the voices of lies that try to tell you that you're nothing, you're a nobody, how many times have you tried and failed, etc.

YOU GOT TO FIGHT! Fight with a sense that it is not an action. What I mean by that is don't fight by putting your dukes up but whe I do mean is DECLARE, TAKE A STAND and say:


G.oing to


T.he word of God operating in my life!

And mean it! Everytime you want to second guess your ability or try again or feel fear creaping up on you, yell it out

Fear Isn't Going to Hinder The word of God operating in my life!

To get out of the "safe zone" into the "faith zone" sometimes you have to throw yourself out there or take a Leap of Faith!

I don't know how many times I've read in the Word of God about the experiences or testimonies where people's backs were against the wall and they had no where else to turn but as soon as they built up that faith the size of a mustard seed it was when God began to move on their behalf and He began to do the supernatural, He began to perform miracles.

It's only when we allow fear to keep us in the "safe zone" we open the door to bitterness, anger, frustration, jealously and acceptance of mediocrity and it begins to infiltrate our life. We start looking at the movers and the shakers and we get envious when we see them being successful. Sometimes we even play the victim role as if we are not making any progress because of everyone else around us or the things around us or we start being critical of others because we don't want to be real with ourselves and confront our own issues or lack of self-confidence.

Once we acknowledge that we need to make a decision to LEAP, God will begin to perform a supernatural miracle in our life. We will begin to see our labor produce a harvest beyond our imagination if we only just BELIEVE and ACT by performing the necessary steps given or learned that produces the desired result.

So I ask you today......


I've heard it said by Mike Murdock, "The difference between seasons in our lives is as simple as a decision."

Your life CAN really change if you are willing to change....

■ The response to your situation

■ The way you've been thinking

■ The actions that need to be taken to produce your desired result

One thing that indicates that you are one step away from a breakthrough is when you are facing adversity and fear. Reason being is because on the other end of that adversity and fear is the blessing but you have to push past it so you can overcome. You have to go through it even if you have to face your fears with sweat and tears and sleepless nights because you realize you are working towards something that will not only bless you but also create a legacy for your children and your childrens children.

Pushing towards your dream and getting in the Faith Zone will allow you the freedom to give to a greater cause and be all that you were called to be.

I'm here to reassure you if you had any doubt or your on the edge of that "safe zone" cliff by telling you:



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Know that I'm here to Inspire, Uplift and to Encourage You to Be the Best You that You Can Be. Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). There is no one else like you on the planet and only you can do what God called YOU to do the way that He called YOU to do it!

With Love and Grace,

Lady DaVine A.K.A. Andrea


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