Beloved, until you take a second thought about yourself, your ministry and what you are are actually doing here on this
planet earth, you shall continue to be roaming about without conquering your destiny, talkless of you trying to
conquer others. I have discover God has no question to answers in regards your life and your ministry. Those who are now
succeeding are not better than you. The reason is because, such have come to find out that they were not created
to fail but to dominate. The word DOMINATE has so many definition depending on your vocabrary and understanding.
But permit me to say here that, dominion mean to reign in the midst of those who are failing. To be incharge even in the midst of witches and wizard. To put a smile to whoever come across your life, ministry and otherwise.
Therefore, you shall be held responsible for your failure and not the devil. STOP COMPLAINING AND FIND SOMETHING
From Bishop Miracle S. Ogar.

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Comment by Apostle Destiny Onotasa on March 30, 2010 at 10:19am
Hello Beloved Apostle, I am glad to have you as a friend but still want to know more about you and why you have not be so regular at the cafe. Please I want your response.
Comment by Bishop Miracle S. Ogar on November 20, 2009 at 7:18am
Beloved, I came to understand Psalm 110 to the end, How it is very important for you not to live your live without the power of God, the Anointing.

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