You Can Go Full Time In Ministry Through Divine Healing / Start a Full Time Gospel Career In Health & Healing

The Theopathic Healing Institute educates students from the biblical revelation of Theopathic Healing which declares Gods way of healing. (Theo - means God, Path- means course or way taken. When the prefix and suffix are joined together the word means "that which is affected by the divine influence of God," and trains students to practice their faith in the Healing Ministry, whereby helping those with illnesses increase their likelihood of being healed by 90%.

You can fulfill your call to the Healing Ministry by going full time, you can provide earnings for your family with a six figure salary (100,000 Plus) while being a vessel used by the Holy Spirit to set others free from disease and illnesses
through God's Way of Healing, demonstrating the power and wisdom of God through Jesus who is the Christ by becoming a Theopathic Minister and Practitioner.

You Can have a Career And Ministry at the same time by becoming a Theopathic Minister and Practitioner. The areas you can practice in with a specialization are the following areas:

1. Holistic Herbal or Chinese Medicine Practitioner

2. Alternative Practitioner

3. A Theopathic Health and Wellness Educator

4. A Health and Wellness Advocate

5. Complementary Medicine or Inter-Graded Health Practitioner

6. Theopathic Counselor or Coach

7. Medical Chaplin Practitioner

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If You Need It,There Financial Aid Available For Everyone Regardless of Your Income and Credit History

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