A Young Mother's Story

Once upon a midnight blue,

I met a girl who had no clue,

As to where she'd go,

Or what she'd do.

She sent her daughter away it's fact,

But now she wants to get her back,

Afraid of how her mother would act,

If her daughter she would track.

"It's not fair this shouldn't be!"

"I want me daughter!" she exclaimed to me,

"If they don't like it, that's too bad, I won't

Spend my life feeling sad."

"They're not my family anyway!"

"They mistreat me it's sad to say."

"I know the lady loves her so,

But she's my only daughter though."

"I couldn't drag her down with me,

So I did what I thought best you see?"

"Why do I care about their plea,

When they don't really care for me?"

"Cause' if they did then they would see,

That not having my daughter is killing me."

Not knowing where she is and waiting,

Everyday anticipating,

When they would have the heart to call,

She banged her head against the wall.

Once upon a midnight blue,

Each word I write is very true,

I am that girl who had no clue,

As to where to go or what to do.

Cassandra M. Parris


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